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Below are some of the top political news stories of the day:

For racial justice protests, US taps tactical border squads
Trump's push to shift campaign-year fears from coronavirus to crime
Judge blocks law banning police pepper spray use
Millions left in limbo as Congress lets $600 unemployment benefit lapse
Deteriorating relations with China put US companies on edge
Trump accuses Democrats of going 'Stone Cold Left -- Venezuela on steroids!'
Trump says GOP lawmaker told him he will not change names of military bases
Trump Bends To Reality, Buckles Under Political Pressure
Tucker Carlson: 'Matt Drudge is now firmly a man of the progressive left'
Donald Trump's mind-bending logic on school reopenings
South China Sea dispute: Australia says Beijing's claims have no legal basis
China turns a blind eye as North Korea evades sanctions
Live updates: John Lewis funeral services in Alabama on Saturday
John Lewis' celebration of life begins in Alabama: Six day journey begins in Troy before heading to Selma
Democrats hope clash resonates with key bloc: Women
House hearing with big tech company CEOs rescheduled for Wednesday
State Unemployment Agencies Could Take Months To Adapt To WH Proposal, Memos Show
AP FACT CHECK: A more measured Trump doesn’t mean accurate
Trump advisers hope law and order campaign will resonate over Covid response
Trump directs a campaign ad in Portland
Pro-Trump Group Returns Donation From White Nationalist After Media Inquiry
John Lewis memorial: Family releases details of 6-day celebration of his life
South Texas calls for evacuations as storm Hanna heads for weekend landfall
The polls show Biden is a clear favorite 100 days out from an unprecedented election
Hanna becomes first hurricane of 2020 Atlantic hurricane season as it barrels toward Texas
Trump talks up his rule-cutting, but courts saying otherwise
U.S. House Speaker Pelosi opposes separate deal on jobless benefits
The week when everything changed for Trump
Trump plays on fears in play for the suburbs
Mitch McConnell readies to unveil his plan for the next coronavirus relief package (video)
QAnon, coronavirus and the conspiracy cult
Trump nominates his top aide Christopher Liddell to head OECD
In VP search, Biden has a known quantity in Susan Rice
Why Trump is trying to change his tune on coronavirus
U.S. counterspy gives rare warning on foreign meddling in election
Mnuchin makes deficit hawks nervous on relief bill talks
Democrats: Trump must tell voters about election threats
Amazon, Google and Wish remove neo-Nazi products
Worried Americans, concerned about virus, telling leaders not so fast
Editorial: Trump has declared war on American cities (LA Times)
Democrats slam US intelligence official over warning about foreign interference in 2020 election
Older women are the most important voters in this year's election
40 million Americans face student loan cliff
Big-city Democrats downplay surging violence
Chinese researcher charged with US visa fraud is in custody
Trump administration eases restrictions on exporting some armed drones
States sue Trump over order to exclude undocumented immigrants from U.S. House seat counts
Trump administration, Democrats joust over warning on election interference
VOA visa decision could hobble Venezuela coverage
US Senate primary in Tennessee pits Trump's candidate against conservative insurgency
Singapore man admits being Chinese spy in US
With spotlight on Portland, activists denounce what they say has become a 'white spectacle'
Hurricane Douglas triggers emergency declaration in Hawaii as Texas braces for Hanna
Protesters In Russia's Far East Challenge Putin's Authority, Demand His Resignation
Trump on his tweets: Regrets, he’s had a few
Amid signs of trouble for Trump, Republican mega-donors scramble to retain the Senate majority
White Flight From Trump? What a Decisive Biden Win Would Look Like (NY Times)
North Carolina city turns to reparations to heal 'a community breakdown'

Coronavirus News and Updates:

Coronavirus updates: Hundreds of Texas bar owners pledge defiance to governor's order
Tracking The Pandemic: Are Coronavirus Cases Rising Or Falling In Your State?
Surgeon General recommends schools reopen with COVID positivity rates "less than 10%" in communities
Coronavirus FAQ: What Does It Mean If I Can Blow Out A Candle While Wearing A Mask?
Disabled Americans mark milestone as crisis deepens job woes
'Could Already Be A Second Wave': Some Restrictions Return As Cases Spike In Spain
The Latest: S Korea has 100+ cases for 1st time in 4 months
Boris Johnson: We could have done things differently, says PM
US coronavirus catastrophe: Who is to blame?
White House: children should go back to school even if studies show they spread coronavirus (Reuters)
Los Angeles superintendent says key to reopening schools is COVID-19 testing
Voices of mask-wearers and opponents around the world
The coronavirus curve is turning into a plateau
FEMA Sends Faulty Protective Gear to Nursing Homes Battling Virus (NY Times)
'Spread out? Where?' Smithfield says not all plant workers can be socially distanced
Did Sweden's coronavirus strategy succeed or fail?
McDonald’s to require masks at all US restaurant locations
Israel: Anger over Netanyahu's virus response, corruption charges
The Hill's Coronavirus Report
COVID-19 recovery can take a few weeks even for young adults
Coronavirus cases in Australian state stay stubbornly high
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