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Below are some of the top political news stories of the day:

No virus bill yet: White House, GOP at odds over jobless aid
Foreign adversaries seek to 'compromise' campaigns
Trump admits he 'often' regrets tweets, retweets get him 'into trouble'
Extra unemployment aid expires as virus threatens new states
U.S. charges 18 Portland protesters as it sends tactical police to Seattle
Judge faults Trump administration's response to DACA ruling
Lawsuit challenges imminent expulsion of migrant children previously held at Texas hotel
Trump’s new campaign boss predicts ‘knock-down, drag-out fight’
Democrats say Trump election czar isn't telling the whole story about Russian interference
With no new law to curb drug costs, Trump tries own changes
‘Make America Normal Again’: Trump backers plead for a virus plan
Singaporean man pleads guilty to acting as secret agent for Chinese government
All new DACA applications put in 'pending' bucket, government lawyer says
Trump reverses on convention, masks, briefings
Judge denies Oregon's request to stop arrests by federal agents in Portland
ICE bans new international students enrolled in online-only classes from entering U.S.
Children remain in ICE detention centers despite judge order to release amid pandemic
Donald Trump's suburban horror show
Fox's Kilmeade rebukes Trump 2020 press secretary on air: 'Don't call Fox News pollsters fake'
US agents enter Chinese consulate compound in Houston after deadline for closure passes
The wealthy Republicans who want to oust Trump in November's election
Rep. Yoho responds to report he used profane language toward Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (video)
'I am someone's daughter too.' Read Rep. Ocasio-Cortez's full speech responding to Rep. Ted Yoho
Pandemic's spread and sagging polls prompt Trump retreat
Trump's convention cancellation is costing GOP donors millions
Investigators suspect arson at Arizona Democratic Party headquarters
Charlotte mayor says city is preparing for ‘scaled down’ RNC event
McGrath pitches 'public service' against McConnell
Lawsuit challenges imminent expulsion of migrant children previously held at Texas hotel
NFL, players union strike deal to ease impact of pandemic strain
Supreme Court decides against Nevada church fighting to overturn attendance limit
Trump signs executive orders intended to lower drug prices
FEMA acknowledges Puerto Rico lacks rebuilt homes and a hospital to survive COVID-19
It's been a record 11 years since the last increase in U.S. minimum wage
House passes massive spending bill in bid to thwart election year shutdown
'Tsunami' Of Evictions Feared As Extra $600 Unemployment Payments End
Millions brace for new financial anguish in August
Sinking Trump seeks to squash GOP dissent
AP-NORC poll: Nearly half say job lost to virus won’t return
Trump erupted over Esper's de facto ban on Confederate flag, sources say
What’s left for the Republican nominating convention, and how will it work?
Pelosi, Schumer knock GOP over 'disarray' ahead of unemployment cliff
Trump's convention no-brainer shows slow creep of self-interest
Susan Rice, Perhaps An Unlikely Contender, Lands On Biden's VP Shortlist
House approves $259.5B spending package
Mayors see broken trust, political agenda in Trump's surge of federal officers to US cities
In VP search, Biden has a known quantity in Susan Rice
Vote-by-mail experiment reveals potential problems within postal voting system ahead of November election
Counterintelligence chief issues dire warning about foreign threats to U.S. election
DHS chief slams Pelosi for calling federal law enforcement ‘stormtroopers’
DNC chair Tom Perez reaffirms Democrats' plans for Milwaukee convention after Trump cancels Jacksonville event
Trump, facing trouble in Florida, goes all in
North Dakota governor blasts party's anti-LGBTQ resolution
Christian abortion critics urge Dems to change platform
Stephen Moore’s Big Idea: Replace federal income tax with national sales tax
Justice Department official: Chinese consulate in Houston ‘went well over the line’
Judge unseals documents in 2015 Ghislaine Maxwell case, delays release pending appeal
Chinese fugitive taken into custody as US claims Houston consulate was a part of espionage network
McConnell's coronavirus predicament: Conservatives, re-election doubts — and Trump
"Limited number" of federal agents sent to Seattle, Inslee says
Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen released from prison again
Chicago removes Columbus statue from Grant Park in dead of night
Cuomo says DHS officials have 'possible criminal liability' over Global Entry ban
Trump awards Presidential Medal of Freedom to Jim Ryun, 'master of the mile' and former Kansas rep
US confirms fighter jet flew close to Iranian jetliner above Syria, leading to passenger injuries
White House seeks advice of ‘torture memos’ author on powers
Trump says he could send as many as 75,000 federal agents to US cities
House Democrats blast DHS request to redirect millions to southern border surge
Portland protesters accuse federal officers of indiscriminate tear gas attacks
China orders US to close Chengdu Consulate in retaliation to Houston closure
U.S. watchdog to probe use of force in Portland; federal agents to Seattle on standby
How Trump went from a massive convention bash to no party at all
Watch President Trump's full interview with Dr. Marc Siegel (video)
Always rocky, China-US relations appear at a turning point
Trump says he would consider pardons for those implicated in Mueller investigation
Senate GOP won't roll out expected stimulus bill this week
What happens if the president doesn't accept the election results?
Federal Forces Have Gone Into U.S. Cities Before. Why This Time Is Different (NY Times)
U.S. admits making false statements in New York' Trusted Traveler' suit
Black protesters say focus on feds hasn’t derailed message
Judge in Portland bars federal officers from arresting or using force against journalists and legal observers
Pelosi says Trump decision to roll back fair housing rule is a 'betrayal of our nation's founding values'
Joe Biden has a long to-do list if he wins the White House
Challenged over explosive new book, Mary Trump claims 'deep experience' inside Trump family
Bloomberg's Gun Control Group Pours $15 Million Into Races in 8 States (NY Times)
Judge rules media outlets have to turn over images, footage of May Seattle protest that turned violent
Watch: Trump cancels Republication National Convention portion in Jacksonville, Fla. (video)
President Trump announces cancellation of Republican convention activities in Florida
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: 'He called me disgusting, he called me crazy' (video)
City of Aurora sued over police response to 'violin vigil' following Elijah McClain death

Coronavirus News and Updates:

Coronavirus updates: Massachusetts, DC impose new travel restrictions
26 deaths in 3 US convents, as nuns confront the pandemic
Nearly 16,000 restaurant closures due to COVID are permanent, Yelp reports
The Rise in Testing Is Not Driving the Rise in U.S. Virus Cases (NY Times)
Mandatory masks becoming the rule in Europe
DC imposes coronavirus quarantine on travelers from 'high-risk' areas but lawmakers are exempt
Bill Gates' message to Covid-19 conspiracy theorists (video)
Without A Vaccine, Researchers Say, Herd Immunity May Never Be Achieved
Testing buildings may become added weapon in coronavirus reopenings
Covid-19 deaths higher in those with disabilities
'I am in a risk category': Fauci explains why he won't be getting on a plane right now amid COVID-19
Chris Wallace: Polls come down to who people trust more to handle coronavirus, race relations (video)
Mounting cases spark concern in Fla. nursing homes
Staffer for Florida congressman dies of COVID-19
Coronavirus updates: 'This virus is controllable,' WHO says
Here's what we've squandered by letting the virus strike back
Southwest And American Airlines Tighten Their Mask Requirements By Ending Exemptions
CDC rolls out tools for schools to reopen safely during coronavirus outbreak: 'Critically important'
The global march of face masks: A mirror on humanity
Can Masks Save Us From More Lockdowns? Here's What The Science Says
Fauci says that he and his family have experienced 'serious threats' during pandemic
U.S. Hits 4 Million Cases Of Coronavirus — Adding A Million New Cases In Just 15 Days
U.S. coronavirus deaths top 1,100 for a third day in a row
Jordan's Prime Minister Says His Country Contained COVID-19 By 'Helping The Weakest'
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