Tennessee legislature expels two black Democrats for gun-control demonstration on house floor


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Mar 26, 2019
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Charleston, SC
A third white female Democrat that joined in the demonstration was not expelled (saved by a single vote).

The Republicans argue that the demonstration for gun control to protest the Nashville school shooting was so out of order that it compels the members’ expulsion.

I started a thread because this development is now about something different, not the gun debate.

The expulsion proceedings threatened to strip more than 200,000 Tennesseans of their elected representation and mark just the fourth time since the end of the Civil War in which the House ousted sitting lawmakers. No House member has ever been removed from elected office for simply violating decorum rules.

Sexton spent taxpayer monies to attempt to keep a harassment charge against another GOP Rep quiet. These are such great guys 😡



And this here is just comedy...

“I did not know that a workplace policy can be enforced when you’re not at work.”

I'm genuinely surprised he resigned. Usually these canoes are immune to shame.
Good for them.
I read on Twitter that the first woman on the bench (white top, light blue pants) is directly related to one of the GOP legislators. Either mother or wife, I can’t remember.
The Tennessee representatives Justin Pearson and Justin Jones, who became Democratic heroes as members of the “Tennessee Three”, are hoping to once again reclaim their legislative seats on Thursday after they were expelled for involvement in a gun control protest on the House floor.

The young Black lawmakers were both reinstated by local officials, but only on an interim basis. To fully take back their positions, they must advance through a special election. Both easily cleared their primary election in June, and now face general election opponents for districts that heavily favor Democrats.

Jones, who lives in Nashville, is up against the Republican candidate Laura Nelson. Meanwhile, Pearson, from Memphis, faces an independent candidate, Jeff Johnston.

“Let’s send a clear message to everyone who thought they could silence the voice of District 86,” Pearson tweeted earlier this month. “You can’t expel a movement!”.........

And the GOP has just started up again on these two - the entitlement they must feel…

This is during the TN “special session” that was supposed to be about gun safety, but that TN GOP has other plans for. They have closed the gallery, and attendance is being restricted substantially, and only open to registered people - read lobbyists.


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