Supreme Court has voted to overturn abortion rights per draft opinion (Update: Dobbs opinion official) (1 Viewer)

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    Not long ago Kari Lake proclaimed Arizona's abortion law was a great law and wanted it the law of the state.

    Now that she has gotten her way, she is lobbying for it to be repealed.

    As I have been saying since 2022, the overwhelming vast majority of women aren't going to vote for the man who proudly boasts that he got rid of Roe V. Wade. Nor are those women going to vote for a forced birther politician.

    Turns out, republican belief in "pro life" was all just lies to get votes. Who is surprised? I sure am not.

    How many forced birthers will do the same about face? ... r-BB1ltx3I.

    Arizona Republican Senate candidate Kari Lake is actively lobbying state lawmakers to overturn a 160-year-old law she once supported that bans abortion in almost all cases, a source with knowledge of her efforts told CNN.
    That’s Jr‘s girlfriend. Can’t remember her name right now. Used to be married to Gavin Newsom, I think.
    Wait... WAIT!!! How the hell did Gavin Newsom marry that loon?
    Well, you would have to see the before and after photos. Cocaine is a helluva drug…..

    This is fro when they were married:

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    As she walks in the door on a recent afternoon to relieve her parents of caring for her five-month-old daughter, Jasmine feels a familiar pang of guilt.

    Jasmine*, 28, is a single mother raising four kids in a small town in far eastern Washington, near the border of Idaho. Her partner of more than a decade – and father of her children – is incarcerated for an assault charge that she brought against him.

    Without her parents stepping in to help, she’d struggle to hold down her job at a factory. But she knows it’s hard on them.

    Most nights, her dad, Andrew, 52, finishes his swing shift as a janitor at the hospital around 1am, sleeps a few hours, and then rises again at 4am so he and his wife can watch their grandchild all day. Many weeks he gets by on 11 hours of sleep – total.

    Her mother tries to reassure her. “You know I’m gonna take care of my kids,” says Kelli, 52, as she bustles around collecting her things to leave after watching the baby for nine hours.

    Jasmine fantasizes aloud about what she would buy her parents if she had the money. “I’m thinking, like, a really nice recliner,” she says to them. Her dad smiles. “Then grandpa would never get up,” he teases.

    Despite the sacrifice the situation demands of her family and how deeply tired and often lonely Jasmine is at the end of the day, she sees this last baby as a positive force that helped her stop using drugs and focus on her priorities.

    But had abortion seemed a more accessible and supported choice in this small American town during a few critical days early in her pregnancy, her life might have taken a different course..............

    Choices about abortion in the region can be influenced by practical constraints where urban centers straddle state borders. The small town of Clarkston where Jasmine lives is located in Washington, where abortion is legal. The state has taken an offensive stance to protect reproductive choice, passing a law that shields patients and providers from legal prosecution and makes Washington a safe harbor for abortion seekers.

    By some measures this effort has been successful; in the year since Dobbs, Planned Parenthood in Washington state has seen a 56% increase in abortion patients from Idaho.

    Despite being a Washington resident, Jasmine’s closest healthcare facilities are a 10-minute drive over the Snake River in Lewiston, Idaho. On that side of the border, women live under some of the most austere anti-abortion laws in the country – laws with tentacles that reach into Washington, despite its protections.

    A trigger law made the procedure illegal after the Dobbs decision in 2022 and the state’s “abortion trafficking law” – currently on hold as its legality is challenged – would make it a felony to transport minors out of state for an abortion. Debate around the law has left many people confused about what is legal, and intimidated by the severity of potential punishments.

    Many are afraid to leave the state for an abortion under any conditions.

    This confusion of geography, laws and messaging means that for women like Jasmine in this region, the decision whether or not to have an abortion comes down to a confluence of factors including readily available resources, pressure and influence from family and friends, and information that may or may not be accurate.

    Jasmine is clear about the fact that had she been determined enough, she could have had an abortion. She doesn’t see the supreme court’s decision to overturn Roe as having much influence on her life.

    But what she does acknowledge is that accessing abortion involved many difficult steps.............

    This is how brazen they are in OH. They admit they “rewrote” a proposed state constitutional amendment in an effort to make sure it failed. Just admitted they were trying to cheat.

    Approximately 32,000 more babies were born in the US as a result of abortion bans in restrictive states ever since the overturning of Roe v Wade last year.

    According to a recent study conducted by researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology and Middlebury College, births rose by an average of 2.3 per cent in states with total abortion bans in the first six months following the June 2022 Supreme Court decision. That number was compared to states with protected abortion rights.……

    This is so horrible. This woman was sent home from the hospital 2 times. She miscarried into a toilet at home, alone, and is being criminally charged even though the medical examiner said the fetus was deceased before the miscarriage.


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