So what does Lincoln Project do now?


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Sep 28, 2019
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new orleans
I doubt they like either of the R GA sen candidates, but I’m not sure they’ll throw full weight behind the Ds unless Trump gets heavily involved

but I’m pretty sure they start aiming their well financed guns at Dems broadly on Jan 21st
They are going to need to rethink their strategies, because they seemed very ineffective at convincing their fellow Republicans to vote against Trump. Although, maybe deeper analysis will show something.
Probably start pushing moderate, civil Republicans- try to turn back to the Chamber of Commerce GOP.
Is that coalition still available?
They don’t have a lot of bench to lead the platform do they?
I think defense is their only option
very vaguely defined defense
From what they are saying on Twitter, they are going all in to defeat the two GA R senate candidates. They are trying to rid the country of Trumpism, not only Trump.
hopefully they stick around for a few more years. I don't consider this election win something people can dust their hands and think "it's all over now" and everything will go back to "normal"
They need to focus on finding good primary challengers for Trump sycophants and enablers to purge their party of the cancer.
This will be their main role, imo. They want to retake the GOP from Trumpublicans. See below:

Wonder if Jeb Bush would consider running against Rubio?
It's going to be an uphill battle to say the least to reintroduce moderate Republicans. They have to reform the state primary processes from a first past the post system to ranked choice voting. Low turnout primaries are where the diehards have been able to prevail and take over the GOP.

Even harder will be to win back the Trump voters who latched onto the President because they had felt forgotten and saw in him someone who spoke their language and cared about them. The old "cut taxes for the rich and social programs for the poor" GOP won't cut it. The Lincoln Project will have to develop a platform and message that appeals to those voters.
I'd like to see them run daily ads in heavy republican areas with stats showing the number of Covid infections and deaths with the message that trump and republicans lied to you about the virus. And they lied to you because they do not care about you. Run it over and over until the money runs out.

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