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    It's so obvious to people who actually know things that he's totally full of shirt. He's a cartoon. I'm actually starting to get solid entertainment value out of him.

    That's exactly how it started and happened with Trump. People in this country seem unable to turn away from the spectacle. What needs to happen is for everybody to tune him out because he's nuts, but the media will not let us.
    Right now, he's proof that they aren't racist.

    They won't play that card unless it gets to a point where they have to.

    They also know that the Soros card is in their back pocket.
    its already out there, posted on the first page.
    They are all thinking it, its just someone accidentally said it out loud..
    There is no doubt that the Republican Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has the gift of gab. His rising poll numbers are testament both to his undeniable talent on the debate stage last week and his savvy media strategy: the man can recite a canned line with the best of them. More insidiously, however, he’s also mastered the art of pretending those lines are contemporaneous expressions of his deepest beliefs.

    Ramaswamy understands well the GOP’s cozy relationship with Donald Trump. Republicans are quick to defend Trump against oncoming attacks, and to embrace those who assist them in doing so. Such a base is therefore more than willing to believe that Vivek’s relentless apologism for the former President comes from a genuine devotion to his political project, creating a reputation for him as a brave teller of hard truths.

    Yet behind the empty rhetoric and lofty self-conceptions are a series of sophomoric fantasies and a self-interested cowardice. Ramaswamy’s cynicism is most apparent in his stunning revisionism about the events of January 6, 2021, and his own view of them.

    In his 2022 book, “Nation of Victims”, Ramaswamy called January 6 a “dark day for democracy” and placed the blame for the Capitol riot on “the loser of the last election” who he said had “refused to concede the race, claimed the election was stolen, raised hundreds of millions of dollars from loyal supporters, and,” he lamented, “is running for executive office again.”

    “I’m referring, of course, to Donald Trump,” Ramaswamy continues, asserting that “accepting the outcomes of elections and having a peaceful transition of power is part of what it means to be a constitutional republic... top election officials in virtually every state, regardless of party, said they’d found no evidence of any significant level of fraud.”................

    On the campaign trail, however, Ramaswamy has said Trump was not to blame for the riot and castigated Pence for supposedly missing a “historic opportunity.” It’s hard to forget Vivek’s fiery attacks on Pence during last week’s Republican primary debate, when he demanded that the former Vice President commit to pardoning Trump if elected. According to candidate Ramaswamy, he would have handled Trump’s pressure campaign “very differently” from Pence, who admirably refused to entertain the idea that he could unilaterally decide who won the 2020 Presidential election.

    For someone who has made a professed commitment to the truth the centerpiece of his Presidential campaign, Ramaswamy seems awfully confused about what it is.

    But even putting aside his convenient change of heart, Ramaswamy’s “solution” is both indefensible and unworkable. His plan would have been to use the certification of the election as a bargaining chip to compel the Democrats who were about to boast unified control of the government to make concessions. To consider playing poker with the republic is astonishingly irresponsible. To do so without any leverage to speak of is almost endearingly moronic...........

    Could have gone in a few threads
    In 1984, the classic comic strip “Bloom County” featured a presidential campaign by Bill the Cat, a scraggly and ill-tempered feline whose sole utterance was “Ack!,” and his penguin running mate, the hapless Opus. Their slogan was “This Time, Why Not the Worst?”

    While Republicans haven’t quite asked themselves that question (or maybe they did with Donald Trump), the emergence of Vivek Ramaswamy as the 2024 presidential race’s current object of fascination makes clear that once again, many GOP voters are asking, “This time, why not the guy with the least experience?”

    It’s not how you’d hire someone for any imaginable job, and it flows from a combination of frustration and delusion about politics.

    We’ve seen this scenario in every recent Republican nominating contest: Voters suddenly become taken with a candidate who has never held office, might have had only the barest contact with the political world, and, when it comes to the office they’re running for, has little or no idea what they’re talking about.

    At this time eight years ago, Ben Carson — a neurosurgeon whose thoughts about politics and many other things were quite bonkers — was on a rapid upward trajectory; he even led the race for a hot minute.

    Four years before that, voters were briefly enamored of Herman Cain, who had been the chief executive of Godfather’s Pizza. Like Carson’s, Cain’s campaign sank in the quicksand of his own ignorance. Less recently, “outsider” candidates such as Steve Forbes were able to briefly capture the imagination of the GOP primary electorate.

    And, of course, there’s Trump himself.
Ramaswamy is hardly threatening Trump’s dominance of the race, but with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis plunging rapidly in the polls — his support is now half what it was five months ago — Ramaswamy could be in second place before long.

    And at the first candidate debate, he was the focus of more attention than anyone else, probably because his rivals hoped to gain by knocking him down.

    As with his predecessors, Ramaswamy’s understanding of issues never goes deeper than the most glib sloganeering. In the debate, he said that “family, faith, patriotism, hard work have all disappeared,” so the country requires “a tonal reset from the top,” which apparently involves eliminating the IRS, the FBI, the Education Department and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

    Asked what he would have done in Mike Pence’s place on Jan. 6, 2021, Ramaswamy suggested that Pence could have wielded powers the vice president does not possess to reform the entire U.S. system of elections in a single day.

    Why do candidates offering this kind of drivel find such a receptive audience? The roots of the attraction might lie in people’s disgust with politics.

    A huckster such as Ramaswamy implicitly suggests you can sweep away whatever you don’t like about politics by electing a leader with sufficient confidence and a willingness to break things.

    Everything that is dull or infuriating about governing — sordid deal-making, endless maneuvering over legislation, promises that never come to fruition, compromises that disappoint, special interests that stop reform — will crumble before the visionary who brings an unsullied perspective to Washington. In the place of the old politics will be something inspiring, brimming with new thinking and common sense…….

    Eventually, even they will probably grow tired of Ramaswamy’s shtick. But four years from now, yet another candidate with zero political experience is likely to enter the Republican primaries, and chances are, GOP voters will be fascinated and intrigued all over again.

    Mercifully, candidates such as Ramaswamy are usually discarded sooner or later. But the years between 2016 and 2020 taught us what can happen if they aren’t…….

    Vivek is the kid who tried hard at gym class.

    He couldn't make a real team mind you.

    Just went all out at basketball or whatever in gym, trying to win the class championship, seemingly oblivious to the fact that nobody else takes them seriously.

    And just like gym, the real players in class dont even try until it matters. Which isn't gym class.
    Vivek is the kid who tried hard at gym class.

    He couldn't make a real team mind you.

    Just went all out at basketball or whatever in gym, trying to win the class championship, seemingly oblivious to the fact that nobody else takes them seriously.

    And just like gym, the real players in class dont even try until it matters. Which isn't gym class.

    At work we used to call those people "Rudies" as in the movie Rudy about the Notre Dame football player

    Super enthusiastic, worked longer and harder than anyone else, manager wished we all had that same attitude and work ethic

    The problem was they just had zero aptitude or talent to do the job

    and no amount of enthusiasm was going to change that
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    how trumpian of him

    Man that's cold. Pump and dump schemes are legal theft plain and simple. Those that are capable of doing this have no regard for anyone but themselves.

    But anybody watching Jim Cramer for stock advice, well.

    That scheme is what trump would be capable of if he was smart and had ambition.

    Vivek has too much of the wrong one. He's DeSantis with a better smile.

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