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    This could go in several threads but deserves one of its own. Apparently, the suspect got into the home and was looking for the Speaker. The police saw some of the attack and the spouse is in surgery. Social media accounts point to him being an election denier. This is pretty forked up.

    Why do my personal thoughts on emotions have to do with anything? I think you guys like to use 'irrelevant'.

    It was a tangential question in response to your reply, not directly related to the story. I was just curious about your thoughts on empathy.
    Federal prosecutors have asked a judge to give David DePape a 40-year prison sentence for breaking in to former US House speaker Nancy Pelosi’s home in 2022 in an attempt to kidnap her, and “nearly killing” her husband with a hammer.

    The request was reported by the San Francisco Chronicle late Friday before a sentencing hearing for DePape, scheduled for 17 May.

    DePape was convicted last year of attempted kidnapping of a federal official and assault on the immediate family member of a federal official.

    According to court documents, the Chronicle reported, DePape has not shown remorse for the attack and “seemed proud of what he had accomplished”.

    “There is nothing about the history and characteristics of the defendant that warrant leniency,” federal prosecutors wrote in court documents. “The defendant has admitted – indeed bragged – that he knew what he was doing.”……..


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