Indictments from the Special Counsel January 6 conspiracy investigation include four charges against Trump (Update: Trial set for March 4, 2024)

A SCIF in the location where the defendent haphazerdly stored the very top secret information is charged with stealing, so that he can review it at his convience.

I mean, the balls that it takes to requrest that type of accomodiation. Only Trump. :nono:
I can't tell if his lawyers are admitting that he's guilty or if they are daring the judge to rule that Trump has the rights to classified docs all along.
I would've been petty and asked for a jan 6th start date.

Folks are talking about a classified exhibit in the Jan 6 trial. Apparently there was a filing for a sealed exhibit, which the judge denied, at least temporarily. It seems she wants to have the hearing first for the protective order. Anyway, speculation is that someone (Trump, Meadows?) ordered the CIA and/or NSA to get involved in the search for “foreign interference” in the election. Maybe chasing the crazy Italian angle? Didn’t expect to have classified material in the Jan 6 trial, though.

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