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    May 17, 2019
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    A couple of days ago, one of the main US-MX border points of entry was blocked by 1000's of migrants demanding entry into the country, which caused chaos for those who lawfully cross the border on business, for work, or for delivery of goods, both ways.

    Lawful border crossings are getting progressively worse across the border, and drug cartels are finding it easier to move product, as the CBP has to transfer personnel and efforts to the processing of migrants.

    It's not different on MX's South border. Yesterday, ~5000 migrants stormed into Chiapas all the way to the INM building (INM is immigration) running over fences, barricades, and elements of the National Guard. They are now taking over an ecological park in Tapachula, Chiapas, which it's going to be severely affected, as it's been the case with just about everywhere migrants squat.

    Unfortunately, Juan Trump (that's Donald Trump's pet name for the President of México) was bamboozled by his "friend" Donald into making MX a "lobby" for migrants trying to reach the U.S.

    Many people would argue that migrants are "good for the economy", but that is not always the case. Billions of dollars leave the U.S. economy every year, because migrants send money from the U.S. to other countries to support families there. The biggest destinations are India and MX, to the tune of 100 billion dollars in 2023 alone, according to the Bank of México (kind of like the MX version of the Fed). These billions of dollars do not circulate in the U.S. economy.

    Speaking of inflation, the past year, the U.S. dollar has lost ~20% of its value against the MX peso. One of the main reasons for it, is the amount of money being sent to MX from the U.S. And MX is the U.S. 2nd largest trading partner.

    Gregg Abbott is a lot of things, but I don't blame him for his attempts at curbing the hordes of people demanding entry into the U.S., even the busing of migrants to other States, making some put their money where their mouth is, like the Mayor of NYC, who was so welcoming of migrants, until he he got a taste, then went crying to the federal government for more money, while the shelters were at full capacity; shelters which BTW serve the NYC poor as well.

    And please, no one mention a wall. There is a wall. A wall can be climbed; a wall can be dug under.; holes can be punched through walls.
    I've heard the idea of building a wall along Mexico's southern border, and I think I like it, but I haven't heard much discussion of the ramifications. I think we can get past the construction cost, but then there would also be a maintenance cost of not just the wall, but any other associated equipment or infrastructure. Also, even with a wall, it will require monitoring. I would want some type of U.S. presence at that wall. All of this may save money, compared to what it would cost for something comparable at the U.S./Mexican border, but it will be politically difficult, and we would need a friendly Mexican administration. It would almost have to be a treaty with Mexico such that different Mexican and U.S. administrations can't willy/nilly pull support.
    I think we should have a consulate at a gate on that wall that includes immigration judges to process asylum requests and officials to grant temporary work visas. Work out a system with Mexico to allow passage to the US for anyone approved for asylum or the guest worker program. We should handle the cost of building and maintaining the wall because, ultimately, we benefit from it and we need it. If we don't do it there we have to do it here and spend the money anyway.

    Mexico already has a major military presence on its southern border. This will just make their job easier. The US doesn't need to have an enforcement presence there.
    Just saw this on Twitter. As expected, Trump didn’t really accomplish anything with undocumented immigrants.


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