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Jan 7, 2022
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New Jersey
This article quotes current President Biden as he praises California's Governor: Gavin Newsom
Would any of you Democrats be interested in having Biden withdraw his decision to run for a 2nd term and have Governor Newsom run in his stead?
I would rather Biden - just because of the foreign relations aspect. He’s done a truly masterful job with NATO and keeping the ME conflict from spreading (so far). This is an impressive juggling act. And his meeting with Xi reportedly went well. His tendency to speak slowly doesn’t bother me when compared to what he has done.

He has moral clarity - for example today when asked if he would still call Xi a dictator - he didn’t try to backtrack or flinch. He answered clearly, and forthrightly. It’s not as common a trait among politicians as one would hope.
Everything you said is accurate, and Biden is very underappreciated, but unfortunately he also seems too old to a significant portion of the electorate. Some people think he is a puppet, and it is his staff that is running the country. I don't believe that, but it is impossible to refute. I argue that even if that were true, then he has good people. Regardless, I would welcome someone which presents more vigor, because this country would be destroyed by Trump. He came very close in his first term, and I think he will succeed if he gets a 2nd term, so I would prefer to not take any chances. The problem is getting on ballots. Newsom has already missed some of the deadlines.

I like Joe, and I’ll be voting for the Democratic candidate, but in the meantime, Dean Phillips is getting on ballots. I like him too, so I hope he can give us a good alternative to Joe, if his poll numbers look better.
I did NOT watch it.
I'm posting this video in case it interests you.

OK...I posted this video first., and THEN I watched the sound bites. The commentary afterwards didn't interest me.
Wow! I think Newsom was the winner....and this is FOX's chosen clips....and I still think Newsom was the winner.
I liked when Newsom said: "Hey Ron, when are you gonna step aside so Nikki Haley can take a shot at facing President Biden?"
Didn’t watch it, but reading that Newsom came off better.

That wouldn't surprise me.

What is it with Repugnicans? Trump, DeSantis, McConnell, Gaetz, Santos, MTG, Boebert, Cruz. The GOP is packed with people who are simply repugnant. Mean spirited cowards, blowhards and repellent lizards litter that side of the aisle.

How do these unlikable aholes keep getting elected?

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