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    Feb 11, 2019
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    We've done this before on the political discussion board, but it's always fun to see where our scores fit relative to what our feelings about where we fall on the political spectrum are. So everyone feel free to take it and share your results.
    I like to think of myself as a moderate, but everytime I take one of these I end up like this:

    Your Political Compass
    Economic Left/Right: -5.63
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.51

    chart (3).png
    Me too, dj! I really think I’m more moderate than the quiz shows. And I know several liberals who think I’m a closet Republican, lol.
    Your Political Compass
    Economic Left/Right: -5.63
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -3.9

    I registered as a moderate, but maybe I should've signed up as a liberal. I seem to be about equal to most liberals that posted their results here on the left right spectrum, on the other hand I'm more authoritarian than almost all. If I end up on the same board as most of the Trumpist on the SaintsForum, then I know I'll have to change my profile! I'm looking forward to seeing Ward and Superchuck's assessments. I want to be on the board that they post on so I can learn from them.

    Economic Left/Right: -5.0
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -0.15

    personalised chart
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    LOL - some of those questions are really strange. They really show the cultural differencies between nationalities. Here i Denmark I would be considered a moderate but issues like women as homemakers, genders and funny enough "obedience" is major cultural differences. Here children are taught to question authorities and evaluate and make up their own mind NOT obedience which can make teaching a tough job at times....

    Anyway here is my result
    It's interesting to plot the responses to see the results altogether (there's a 'build your own chart' link on the political compass site). So here's a MAP map:


    The dominance of 'left libertarians' and the complete lack of authoritarians jumps out, but it's early days (this is just 27 responses) so perhaps it says more about who's signing up here initially than anything else. Or maybe authoritarians just don't like taking political compass tests? :unsure: But I imagine there'll be a broader spread as time goes on, I'll update this as we get more responses if there's interest.
    I guess it is just the cynic in me. When the first question talks about either humanity or corporations, it’s is set up for a fixed outcome.

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