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Below are some of the top political news stories of the day:


(Melina Mara/The Washington Post via AP, Pool)

Biden to the nation and world: ‘America is rising anew’

Biden marked his first 100 days in office as the nation pushes out of a menacing mix of crises, making his case before a pared-down gathering of mask-wearing legislators because of pandemic restrictions.

Feds raid Giuliani’s home, office, escalating criminal probe - AP

The Latest: In GOP response, Scott says US isn’t racist - AP

Biden makes case for sweeping change - The Hill

Biden makes case for big government spending to keep America ‘on the move’ - NBC

Biden speech takeaways: Government is good, and so are jobs - AP

Pompeo knocks Biden: He 'successfully outlined a radical, socialist agenda' - The Hill

Biden declares "it's good to be back" in speech that highlights ambitious plans - CBS

5 takeaways from President Biden's first address to Congress - CNN

Andrew Giuliani blasts FBI raid on dad's home: 'This is absolutely absurd' - FOX

Judge won’t release videos of deputies shooting Black man - AP

Moderate Republicans leery of Biden's renewed call for unity - The Hill

Biden embraces his inner Robin Hood - Politico

Key takeaways from Biden's 1st presidential address to Congress - ABC

Biden fails to reach heights of Trump, Obama in first address to Congress: Poll - W.E.

Ted Cruz, Trevor Noah get into Twitter spat: 'I remember when the Daily Show was funny' - The Hill

Biden blames Trump for border crisis - W.E.

Sen. Tim Scott in GOP rebuttal says: 'The President and his party are pulling us further and further apart' - CNN

Harris, Pelosi make history seated behind Biden at speech - AP

Biden says it's "within our power" to end cancer and pushes for more visionary health research - CBS

Wallace: Biden's address to Congress will be 'popular' with Americans - FOX

Biden praised for delivering 'the most honest closing line of any presidential speech' - The Hill

US indicts 3 on hate crime charges in death of Ahmaud Arbery - AP

Biden’s families plan excludes Medicare expansion, drug price changes backed by Democrats - CNBC

Biden pitches 'once in a generation investment' to Congress - BBC

Biden says 'it's about time' 2 women are behind him at joint address to Congress - Politico

Cruz struggles to stay awake during Biden's address - W.E.

Federal Investigators Search Rudy Giuliani's Apartment Over Ukraine Ties - NPR

President pushed new jobs, infrastructure, policing initiatives in COVID-era speech to Congress - USA Today

Biden: 'Trickle-down economics has never worked' - The Hill

Biden calls for wealthy to pay 'fair share' - W.E.

Biden’s bipartisan bid: President fist bumps Cheney - FOX

Watch President Biden's full address to Congress - NBC

Biden offers traditional address in eerie setting - The Hill

Biden Tries a New Presidential Tone: Whispering - Politico

Read President Joe Biden's first address to Congress - CNN

Biden’s first 100 days show how partisan things have become: FiveThirtyEight - ABC

Sen. Tim Scott takes on politics of division during GOP rebuttal: 'America is not a racist country' - FOX

Biden expected to ban menthol cigarettes - CBS

How Republicans Lost Interest in Fighting Big Spending - Politico

Biden claims US billionaires made $1 trillion during pandemic — here's the context - W.E.

Biden promises to lift 'left-behind and forgotten' Americans with his ambitious economic agenda - CNN

‘Congress should act,’ Biden tells lawmakers near and far - AP

Manchin 'uncomfortable' with mounting cost of Biden agenda - The Hill

Biden gives credit to Jill Biden for idea to increase Pell Grants to minority colleges - Politico

GOP precinct chair in Texas arrested in US Capitol riot - CNN

Biden veers off script to thank McConnell, but makes few other bipartisan overtures - NBC

Lawmakers hear 'low energy' Biden address in sparsely filled chamber - W.E.

'It was weird': Scenes from Biden's speech - Politico

Winners and losers in Biden’s address to joint session of Congress - FOX

Boebert takes out space blanket during Biden speech to draw attention to border surge - The Hill

Inside Afghanistan as U.S. prepares to withdraw its troops - CBS

Senate votes to reinstate methane rules loosened by Trump - AP

Weapons of mass destruction charge added for 3 accused in Michigan governor kidnap plot - NBC

White supremacy 'most lethal' threat to America, Biden says - W.E.

“He's fluent in Bidenese”: Meet the man behind Biden’s speech tonight - Politico

For a nation in mourning, Biden has become consoler-in-chief - NBC

Biden calls for Congress to pass gun control bills: 'Don't tell me it can't be done' - The Hill

EXPLAINER: Is it legal to shoot suspects in the back? - AP

Biden will invite the top four congressional leaders to the White House for May 12 meeting - CNN

Pelosi defends Biden's proposed tax increases - Politico

Biden flexes US muscles to Putin - W.E.

Live Updates: 'America on the move again,' Biden tells Congress - BBC

US Senate confirms Biden pick Power to head USAID - FOX

'Abolish lasagna' trends on Twitter after GOP senator's photoshopped prop poster mocked - The Hill

New report finds 169 percent surge in anti-Asian hate crimes during the first quarter - NBC

Police have killed more than 100 children since 2015 in US, data shows - ABC

SC Sen. Scott seeks to credit GOP for ‘joyful springtime’ - AP

Scoring Biden's performance on 4 key campaign promises in first 100 days - CNN

Armed Man Was Running Away When Chicago Police Fatally Shot Him In Portage Park - NPR

Biden ditches Trump's 'fire and fury' for 'stern deterrence' of Iran and North Korea - W.E.

U.S. Postal Service to consolidate 18 facilities, leading to concerns over mail delays - NBC

Promises President Biden kept and broke in his first 100 days - CBS

EXPLAINER: Capital gains tax hike targets wealthy investors - AP

The FDA banned an electric shock treatment a year ago. Why is this school still using it? - NBC

John Kerry could face State Dept. probe over Iran bombshell if GOP lawmakers get their way - FOX

Video of NRA executive hunting endangered elephant sparks outrage - ABC

Florida House passes controversial voting bill that would add new restrictions - CNN

US eyes major rollback in Iran sanctions to revive nuke deal - AP

Vaccinated Nancy Pelosi wears a mask with inoculated colleagues, but not when she got a blow-out - FOX

First lady's virtual joint address guests spotlight Biden administration priorities - CNN

Supreme Court debates student free speech rights on social media - ABC

Wealthy would dodge 90% of Biden's capital gains tax increase, study says - CBS

‘Fetal heartbeat’ in abortion laws taps emotion, not science - AP

1 deputy killed, another injured in shooting during home welfare check - ABC

Dems lean closer to going it alone on Biden’s $4T spending plan - Politico

Republicans join Senate Dems in restoring Obama climate rule - Poltico

Chris Wallace previews Biden's address to Congress - FOX

Biden’s first 100 days in foreign policy are hamstrung by Trump’s last 100 - Politico

Kamala Harris' influencer niece raises concerns among some ethics experts - ABC

Coronavirus News and Updates:

Uptick in COVID-19 hospitalizations among young people: Experts - ABC

Why immunocompromised people may not have full protection after vaccination - ABC

India grieves 200,000 dead with many more probably uncounted - AP

U.S. eases COVID-19 restrictions on Chinese students - NBC

4,000 doses at vaccine site set to expire amid drop in demand - ABC

Mexico to start vaccinating ages 50-59 as Covid death toll passes 345,000 - NBC

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