Supreme Court has voted to overturn abortion rights per draft opinion (Update: Dobbs opinion official) (1 Viewer)

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    Not long ago Kari Lake proclaimed Arizona's abortion law was a great law and wanted it the law of the state.

    Now that she has gotten her way, she is lobbying for it to be repealed.

    As I have been saying since 2022, the overwhelming vast majority of women aren't going to vote for the man who proudly boasts that he got rid of Roe V. Wade. Nor are those women going to vote for a forced birther politician.

    Turns out, republican belief in "pro life" was all just lies to get votes. Who is surprised? I sure am not.

    How many forced birthers will do the same about face? ... r-BB1ltx3I.

    Arizona Republican Senate candidate Kari Lake is actively lobbying state lawmakers to overturn a 160-year-old law she once supported that bans abortion in almost all cases, a source with knowledge of her efforts told CNN.
    A six-week abortion ban in Texas was linked to a 13% increase in the number of infants who died in their first year of life, a new study published Monday in JAMA Pediatrics suggests.

    The study, published two years to the day since the US supreme court overturned Roe v Wade and permitted more than a dozen states across the country to outlaw almost all abortions, is one of the first glimpses into how strict abortion bans impact babies’ health.

    The study also estimated that the ban may haveled the number of infants in Texas who died within their first month of life to rise more than 10%.

    Because Texas enacted its six-week abortion banin September 2021, months before Roe’s demise, scholars have studied what has happened in Texas for clues about how post-Roe abortion bans are now affecting the rest of the nation. Some of the researchers involved in the Monday study have previously concluded that the Texas ban also led to 10,000 additional births.

    “Texas is the harbinger of potentially what’s to come with Dobbs,” said Alison Gemmill, the lead author of the study and an assistant professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health said, referring to Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the case that overturned Roe. “One of the things we’re doing now, as you can imagine, is looking at Dobbs and infant mortality as a next step.”

    The study found a 23% jump in infant deaths due to congenital anomalies – the kind of conditions that are often identified in utero and lead to abortions in states where the procedure is legal, since they can be incompatible with life. But that choice is no longer available to pregnant Texans……

    The number of women on probation or parole who must seek permission to travel for an abortion more than doubled to 635,000 in two years since the supreme court overturned the federal right to abortion, a new report finds.

    Fourteen states have near-total abortion bans and 21 restrict the procedure. Together with near ubiquitous travel restrictions imposed by probation and parole, more than half of women on probation or parole in the US must seek permission to travel before obtaining an abortion.….

    Then he'll say the opposite on another show, the opposite of that the next day. Because the man has no moral center, no strong beliefs whatsoever beyond his own aggrandizement. NPD doesn't care, literally, it can't...all it wants is attention and it'll do anything to get it.
    Why would anyone ever think politicians have morality? Just about all politicians are corrupt in some form and very few actually care about their constituents. Most just feed the machine on the backs of their constituents.
    Why would anyone ever think politicians have morality? Just about all politicians are corrupt in some form and very few actually care about their constituents. Most just feed the machine on the backs of their constituents.
    Fake cynicism. In point of opinion you desperately want Trump to do what he claims.
    His entire persona on here is that Trump is different, more credible, and just better than usual politicians. How he squares that opinion is a complete mystery to me. Especially now that he has seen Jan 6, Trump org conviction for massive fraud, Trump liable for sexual assault and 30 some felony convictions for fraudulent business records.

    The irony here is that Trump actually IS different from regular politicians. He’s a mentally ill sociopath and far worse.
    Just about all politicians are corrupt in some form and very few actually care about their constituents.
    This is a lie that keeps getting told anytime Trump's irrefutable and undeniable immorality and depraved corruption are pointed out.

    People know they can't lie to convince others and themselves that Trump is moral or completely corrupt. They know they can't even fool themselves with that absurdity, let alone anyone else.

    So instead they tell others and themselves the lie that all politicians are just as immoral and bad as Trump.

    That's how they talk themselves into voting for the immoral Trump and how they desperately try to talk others into voting for Trump or not voting for Biden.

    It's BS and a complete lie. Biden, with all his human flaws, is infinitely more moral than Trump was or ever will be. Biden is morally greater than, not equal to, Trump in every way possible.

    If you vote for Trump, own the fact that you are choosing to vote for an immoral and corrupt Trump when you had the much better choice of Biden.
    So this happened today...

    So this happened today...

    The Roberts court is a joke and all that they are doing is eroding confidence in the court. They have routinely ignored precedent while Thomas & Alito hold court with their billionaire friends and the minds behind Project 2025, The Heritage Foundation.

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