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    May 17, 2019
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    It seems that a billionaire GOP donor has spent a small fortune on vacations for Ginni and Clarence Thomas.

    This is worse than even I thought of the man. What can be done? He needs to go like immediately. I don’t care if it isn’t illegal, it’s damning and completely unethical. And that doesn’t even touch his inability to recognize a true conflict of interest when ruling on cases that involve conservative causes with which his wife has deep involvement.

    Billionaires and all the people they corrupt in government have and are destroying this country.

    There is no question that the SC needs serious reform, but that will never happen. Our country and constitutional order will continue to degrade until Republicans and billionaires leave us with nothing to save.

    And these are the same people screaming there heads off on every Conservative outlet about Soros and Alvin Bragg.
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    He didn’t report any of the trips, ProPublica thinks he violated the law by not reporting them. Also, could there be tax fraud ramifications if he didn’t report such expensive gifts?

    “These trips appeared nowhere on Thomas’ financial disclosures. His failure to report the flights appears to violate a law passed after Watergate that requires justices, judges, members of Congress and federal officials to disclose most gifts, two ethics law experts said. He also should have disclosed his trips on the yacht, these experts said.”
    Also from the story:

    “Thomas didn’t report any of the trips ProPublica identified on his annual financial disclosures. Ethics experts said the law clearly requires disclosure for private jet flights and Thomas appears to have violated it.

    Justices are generally required to publicly report all gifts worth more than $415, defined as “anything of value” that isn’t fully reimbursed. There are exceptions: If someone hosts a justice at their own property, free food and lodging don’t have to be disclosed. That would exempt dinner at a friend’s house. The exemption never applied to transportation, such as private jet flights, experts said, a fact that was made explicit in recently updated filing instructions for the judiciary.

    Two ethics law experts told ProPublica that Thomas’ yacht cruises, a form of transportation, also required disclosure.

    “If Justice Thomas received free travel on private planes and yachts, failure to report the gifts is a violation of the disclosure law,” said Kedric Payne, senior director for ethics at the nonprofit government watchdog Campaign Legal Center. (Thomas himself once reported receiving a private jet trip from Crow, on his disclosure for 1997.)

    The experts said Thomas’ stays at Topridge may have required disclosure too, in part because Crow owns it not personally but through a company. Until recently, the judiciary’s ethics guidance didn’t explicitly address the ownership issue. The recent update to the filing instructions clarifies that disclosure is required for such stays.”

    This definitely needs to be addressed.
    The billionaire says that he has never tried to influence his “dear friend” Thomas and none of his other guests who just coincidentally were present while he entertained the Thomas‘ would ever do that either. (heads of conservative PACS, think tanks, major corporations). He just happened to befriend Thomas after he became a Justice.

    Okay, phew, that was close. For a minute I thought there might be something shady going on, some influence peddling or something. But now that this man says it didn’t happen it’s all good.

    Evidently Thomas has made a statement and Nixon thinks it’s a bit on the bogus side:

    Lol, but probably true. At least I hope it’s true:

    Another Christian that has no shame and is willing to i rule on others faith and beliefs when his are so far from anything christian.

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