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    Nov 20, 2019
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    China's threats and rhetoric have been growing as the Speaker insists that she intends to visit the democratic nation. I've never been a fan of the whole "one China, two systems" mess of the TRA. It's why we're in the mess we're in IMHO. That being said, if you were advising the Speaker of the House, would you advise her to go and visit or skip it while visiting Asia?
    I think she shouldn’t have announced that she was going to Taiwan, but since she did, I think she should go. The White House played it right by washing their hands of her decisions.
    What exactly is China going to do if she does visit?

    I've seen so many articles on this but haven't read one of them. My overall reaction is "meh".
    Politicians have been visiting Taiwan for years. It’s nothing new. So, yeah, meh.

    I don’t think they’ll do anything but bluster, although their bluster has been increasingly more aggressive. I’m of the ilk of don’t poke the bee hive but in this case it may be a good message to send to the growing nationalism in china. Wounded dragon has been aptly used to describe china, and all this bluster fits right into that picture. But of course the underlining issue is that china really wants Taiwan’s chip manufacturing. The more I think of this the less issue I have with what pelosi is doing. A little fact that I missed until recently is that pelosi has a history of daring stunts. She was one of 3 congressmen who stood in tiananmen square after that crackdown to support democracy in china.
    Lol. The gall that the Chinese government has to think they can dictate what countries our elected officials can or cannot visit. Should have sent the absolute most trolly response to their rhetoric as possible. Should have just poop-posted memes of Winnie the pooh all over official government accounts mocking the Chinese "president" with tagging the CCP on twitter every hour of the day, just completely calling them clowns in the process.
    This is not appropriate. There’s zero evidence that Pelosi is actually an alcoholic. There was an edited fake video that tried to show her slurring her words but it was fake. Quit parroting made up propaganda.
    Noted. It was meant as a joke (I had no idea about the video showing her sliding her speech).

    I’ll save tweets like this for finer threads (I.e the Conservative meme fest thread).

    If China is dead set against Pelosi going, then she should not only visit, she should stay a week and look into buying a vacation home there.

    The worst thing we could do is appear timid and afraid of upsetting the Chicoms. Appeasement didn't work in the 1930's and it won't work now.
    Well, her visit is over and most people are fairly happy with the results. She stayed and accepted an award from the democratically elected president of Taiwan, spoke about the importance of preserving democracy and attended some ceremonies I think. China will do some military exercises close to Taiwan in retaliation. But it’s hard not to conclude that Xi blew this by making a big deal out of it. There was a congressional trip earlier this year that went unchallenged. Now they just look silly for making such a big deal.
    in addition to this

    they also did this

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