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    It looks like he's going to be on the ticket in November. I think he should get his own thread. He's about to become well funded, and it's going to be a professionally run campaign no doubt. I don't think it's out of the question that he get's Perot like numbers, and even if he get's 1/4 of that it could be a disaster for the Biden campaign that is probably looking at a few thousand votes in a few states turning the election anyway.

    There is going to be money behind this campaign from all sorts of angles. No matter what anyone thinks about RFK, it would be a terrible mistake to not take this campaign seriously. He might take some from Trump for sure, but he's going to take more of the anti Trump vote from Biden, and Biden can't really spare any votes. Not all people who were going to vote for Biden would disagree with the things RFK has said about vaccines, and he's not going to be spending his time campaigning on just vaccine skepticism.

    There are many more people voting for Biden who aren't enthusiastic about Biden than there are on the other side.

    Asuper PAC supporting Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has begun polling his support as an Independent, one of the strongest indications to date that the long-shot Democrat is set to announce a party affiliation switch.

    The poll, conducted by the firm John Zogby Strategies and commissioned by the American Values 2024 PAC, comes amid growing speculation — fueled by Kennedy himself — that he will leave the Democratic Party in the upcoming weeks.
    You get so upset when Biden's dementia is discussed you act like it's beyond the pale to even mention it.

    But it's clear you don't have a problem discussing health issues for people you aren't supporting for President.

    MT15 - relax bbe. SFL is starting to realize he maybe voting for this guy in November. No more talking about brain worms.
    You get so upset when Biden's dementia is discussed...
    It's a lie that Biden has dementia. It's a pathetic, desperate and lame lie, no matter how many times it's repeated.

    Trump is the one that shows a lot of behaviors that are truly indicative of early stage dementia, not Biden.
    ...than Biden and his Depends.
    Typical projection. Since it's now a known fact that Trump has in fact been wearing diapers for quite some time, his devotees have to falsely accuse Biden of it.

    It's so predictable. If you want to know what's true about Trump, just listen to what he and his devotees falsely accuse others of.

    It's the most sure bet that's ever existed.
    You get so upset when Biden's dementia is discussed you act like it's beyond the pale to even mention it.

    But it's clear you don't have a problem discussing health issues for people you aren't supporting for President.
    Where did you get your medical degree? Did you specialize in gerontology?
    You get so upset when Biden's dementia is discussed you act like it's beyond the pale to even mention it.

    But it's clear you don't have a problem discussing health issues for people you aren't supporting for President.
    So, in Biden’s case it is completely made up. Biden doesn’t have dementia, there’s no evidence of it. So what I object to is lying about someone’s health, which you seem to have no problem with. I don’t care for liars, in case you haven’t figured that out.

    RFK, Jr. put this out there in the public sphere. Why should it not be discussed?
    I’m actually open to the idea that RFK,Jr made it all up. He’s a known prolific liar, and he was trying to show that his alimony should be lower based on his health problems.

    Or, he could have been told that is one possibility and just went with it because he liked how it sounded really severe. It’s not like there was any treatment for the “worm” - and they just kinda concluded that must be what it is because they didn’t have another explanation for the shadow on the imaging. They just did serial imaging over time and noted it wasn’t changing. 🤷‍♀️

    His main motivation at the time was to get out of as much alimony as he could. It’s not like he has integrity or morals or anything to stop him from using this story to do that.
    Robert F Kennedy Jr’s running mate Nicole Shanahan announced that she would pump an additional $8m into the campaign as they seek to get on the ballot in more states, The New York Times reported.

    Ms Shanahan made her announcement during a comedy show fundraiser at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. The announcement brings Ms Shanahan’s total contribution level to the Kennedy campaign to $10m. She also contributed $4m to a super PAC to pay for a television ad that aired during the Super Bowl.

    “I think I know what they’re going to say – they’re going to say Bobby only picked me for my money,” Ms Shanahan said. The event featured Russell Brand as well as former Saturday Night Live cast members Rob Schneider and Jim Breuer.

    “This isn’t just about funding our own campaign,” she said in a press release, according to Politico. “We want to liberate presidential elections from the grip of the existing two-party duopoly, and revitalise American democracy.”……..

    So they can pay people to trick citizens into signing his petitions.

    Robert F Kennedy Jr has listed a home in foreclosure for non-payment as his voting address, though he does not own the property and is not listed in public searches as one of its residents, according to online records.

    In a statement late Sunday to the New York Post, which first reported on the home in question and how neighbors have never seen him there, the independent candidate’s presidential campaign insisted that the property was his “official address”.

    “He receives mail there,” said the statement provided to the publication, which noted how the candidate’s father, Robert F Kennedy Sr, served as a US senator for New York before his assassination in 1968. “His driver’s license is registered there. His automobile is registered there. His voting registration is from there. His hunting, fishing, falconry and wildlife rehabilitation licenses are from there. He pays rent to the owner.”

    Kennedy went on the defensive about his ties to the luxury home on Croton Lake Road in the Westchester county community of Katonah as both Joe Biden and Donald Trump have perceived him as a threat to their prospects in November’s race for the White House……..

    Says the person who thinks RFK made up the brain worms story. And you called me an idiot lol.
    I said it’s possible. It served a purpose at the time because he was trying to reduce any alimony he would have owed. He’s a pathological liar, that’s a known fact.

    If you don’t realize RFK Jr is a pathological person, then the shoe fits. But when did I ever call you an idiot?
    PHOENIX (AP) — Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has condemned the removal of Confederate statues, saying he had a “visceral reaction against” the destruction of monuments honoring southern leaders from the Civil War.

    Robert E. Lee, the top Confederate general, had “extraordinary qualities of leadership” that deserve to be celebrated, Kennedy said Friday in an interview for the Timcast IRL, which is hosted by conservative podcaster Tim Pool.

    “There were heroes in the Confederacy who didn’t have slaves,” Kennedy said in response to a question about the monuments. “And, you know, I just, I just have a visceral reaction to this destroying history. I don’t like it. I think we should celebrate who we are. And that, you know, we should celebrate the good qualities of everybody.”

    Celebrating only people who were “completely virtuous” would mean erasing all of history, Kennedy said.……

    The Kennedy name looms large over American politics. John F Kennedy, despite serving only twoand a half years as president before his assassination, is frequently ranked among the top 10 US leaders; his brother, Robert F Kennedy, seemed set for his own spell in the White House until he too was killed in 1968.

    Enter: Robert F Kennedy Jr, nephew of the former, son of the latter and increasingly, persona non grata of the surviving Kennedy clan.

    Part-time environmental lawyer, full-time conspiracy theorist, an animal enthusiast who owned a pet lion at his elite boarding school and who, in his telling, had part of his brain eaten by a worm, Kennedy entered the 2024 presidential race as a Democrat running against Biden, before switching to an independent in October last year.

    The 70-year-old, who also has a history of associating with white supremacists, is an unknown quantity in the 2024 election race, with both parties worried about the havoc he could wreak.

    Five months out from perhaps the most consequential election in recent US history, Biden and Trump continue to be unpopular with the American public.

    Kennedy’s ability to be neither of those men, and his willingness to lean into his family name, have positioned him as a spanner in the works of American democracy.

    Both Democrats and Republicans fear that Kennedy, who is polling at about 10% nationally, could pull votes away from their men.

    Even a few Biden or Trump voters hopping on to the Kennedy train could be enough to influence what is expected to be a tight race.

    In an indication of the threat he poses, Trump has gone from praising Kennedy as a “very smart person” a year ago to recently posting a four-minute videoattacking him on Truth Social.……


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