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    Mar 13, 2019
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    This could use its own thread. Mods - move this if you must, but there is little traffic on the World Politics board, so I thought we could discuss this here.

    I will admit, I am in awe of the bravery of the women of Iran.

    Here is how it started:

    Here’s how it’s going:

    I remember listening to something on NPR a few years ago about the population there. Something like half the population is/was under 40, and of those, some could be considered more progressive vs the religious zealots running the country. It always made me wonder what it would be like to live in such a oppressive theocracy, or how that younger generation could cope.

    Fast forward to today, and republicans along with the packed the supreme court is quickly steering the country in that direction.
    Internet in Iran has been disabled. ☹️

    Wow. Some of the video coming out of Iran is unreal. It looks like this protest is almost country wide. A few good vids in this link.

    Authoritarian governments are having a bad day(s).

    Right? Compare that to the Russians' antiwar protest, which is a reaction to mobilization. Early in the war there was hope that those monstrously large crowd would derail the invasion. Nope. Those same protests are the same as the current ones. Watch and record their fellow protesters dragged away. Contrast to this Iranian one. Grab one of them and a pack comes and fight back. A morality police would try to beat up someone and they fight back. Amazing courage.

    There is a theory called "First follower" that may explain this phenomenon where by a movement starts not because of a leader but from the first follower of that leader. I saw a video from Iran of a man who walked up to a group of 3 women and sprayed mace. He then casually walks away. Another man saw this, slowly approached and confronts this attacker. This lead another more emotional one to run in. He then starts slapping the attacker. And more people then joined. The courage of these Iranians cannot be overstated and contrast with that of Russia and one cannot but wonder why the difference.

    I am terrified for what may happen next. The US must not get involved beyond the condemnation of any atrocities etc. Less we get similar idiots here blaming the US for it. But more important that their government use it to turn the wider population towards these brave souls.
    That tweet has been deleted, I think.

    That tweet has been deleted, I think.

    Yeah not sure why. That was the second video that I saw of the protestors attacking an image of Khamenei.

    Edit: Here it is.

    And this is why it may have been deleted. Statue of someone else possibly?
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    Yes, and the journey they are going on is so obvious. It just cannot be clearer that radicalization is being carried out here in America just like was done for years in the Middle East.
    This may be a new development:

    Not to undercut the significance, but it's possible they're just trying a non-confrontational stance rather than cracking heads. Of course, that in-and-of-itself is significant as a deviation from the traditional playbook.

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