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    Feb 4, 2020
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    Awesome idea, the guy is even more off-his-rocker than usual, only wish this had been done sooner.

    Nancy Pelosi says Congress will discuss using 25th Amendment powers which could REMOVE Donald Trump amid fears COVID steroid treatment is affecting his mental health
    • Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she would lead a discussion on Friday about invoking the 25th amendment to remove President Donald Trump from office
    • 'Come here tomorrow,' she told reporters on Capitol Hill Thursday. 'We're going to be talking about the 25th Amendment'

    Will wait until a reliable source -dailymail, not you Mr Blue Sky- before I believe it.

    This isn’t what we need right now imo. As long as all he is doing is tweeting crazy shirt, he is only hurting his re-election chances. He starts actually doing stuff then maybe

    He is out of his ever loving mind.. This goes way beyond politics, or elections.. And he HAS THE NUCLEAR CODES.

    he wont light that candle. Needs 2 people to do that.

    And the MOMENT he is out of office, they are going to scramble those codes.

    He is out of his ever loving mind.. This goes way beyond politics, or elections.. And he HAS THE NUCLEAR CODES.

    Honestly, I'm not seeing any significant change in his behavior. He's been out of his mind for at least 20 years. He's behaving just as crazy and unhinged as he has on at least a dozen other points of his presidency.

    I want this over for good. I don't want to give him any way out.
    This is the leadership that has squandered countless opportunities over the last decade. Didn't Pelosi say she would step down as speaker after this term?
    ahhh i just read it. She not calling for a vote...wants to discuss. Have at it...make it look like you are "concerned" i guess.

    IF nothing else, it may simply be a stunt to KEEP the COVID talk front and center before Trump attempts to get it behind him and claim he has been sent by God himself to rule.
    There could be a credible case made that he’s incapacitated due to his meds. It would be temporary until that steroid gets out of his system. Rs should do it and evidently will not, but he is definitely worse as the days go on. He called on Bill Barr to arrest Joe Biden and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. These are more than his usual rants, IMO. He said getting Covid was a gift from god, he said he didn’t need the drugs to fight it, then he said the antibodies were a cure.

    It’s dangerous. Any number of foreign adversaries can see he’s incapacitated. We have to think of national security.

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