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    Guess this can go here

    Good job on law enforcement stopping this guy
    A man has been arrested in Oregon over an alleged plot to carry out a mass shooting at a rock climbing event.

    Samson Zebturiah Garner, 39, was taken into custody in Deschutes county after local police were informed by detectives in Portland, Oregon, that the suspect was “planning a violent attack during an event” in the area. According to the Bend Bulletin, Garner had told two acquaintances he intended to harm people at a climbing event in the county, most likely the Alpine Club Craggin’ Classic which is taking place this weekend.

    Law enforcement searched Garner’s vehicle and found “evidence of the planned attack”, including a number of firearms. Garner, who had no previous criminal record was charged with attempted murder, first and second-degree attempted assault and unlawful use of a weapon.

    Sergeant Jason Wall of the Deschutes County Police Department said that “detectives have determined there is no continued threat as Garner is now in custody and, at this time, the investigation indicates that Garner was acting alone.”

    On Friday, the American Alpine Club, which organized this weekend’s event, posted a message on Facebook.

    “On October 18, the American Alpine Club was made aware of a potential threat to the health and safety of attendees to the Smith Rock Craggin Classic to be held October 20-22, 2023, at Smith Rock State Park,” read the statement.……


    'Carry a Gun, It's a Life-saver: Ben-Gvir and His Wife Boast of Dramatic Expansion in Israelis Carrying Weapons​

    Last week, the Knesset National Security Committee approved National Security Minister Ben-Gvir’s proposed amendments to gun license regulations so that the conditions for obtaining a license are more lenient, amid the ongoing combat in the south

    National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir and his wife, Ayala, took to social media to celebrate the success of his efforts to arm more Israeli civilians, loosening the state's strict gun control regulations and dramatically expanding the number of Israelis............
    Horrible situation in Lewiston,ME. Infuriating.

    This thread never gets off the first page, does it?

    I think the shooter is still at large.

    BTW, from the security camera pictures of him, it looks like he's carrying a guess what? An AR15.
    Yeah, just heard that on tv coverage. So tweet was wrong about that.

    Or could be they thought they had him, and it wasn’t him. 🤷‍♀️
    Both Lewiston and a nearby town are on lockdown. Businesses told to close, people told to stay in their locked houses.
    Some reports that Card has been apprehended, but nothing I consider a valid source. Card is said to be a trained firearms instructor and believed to be in Army Reserves. Also said to be going through some mental health issues involving hearing voices and has threatened to carry out a shooting previously.

    Card is apparently still at large. Two towns are in lockdown and one local college.

    "Bates College's ranking in the 2024 edition of Best Colleges is National Liberal Arts Colleges, #24. Its tuition and fees are $63,478."

    Another "responsible gun owner" goes off the deep end and commits a massacre. I think I'd rather more irresponsible gun owners, at least they only typically kill one person before they're stopped.
    The yellow flag law had the support of the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine, which was instrumental in writing it and viewed other states’ red flag laws as unconstitutional.

    Maine is one of about 20 states that allow permitless carry — having a concealed weapon in public without a permit — and the state has a longstanding culture of gun ownership that is tied to its traditions of hunting and sport shooting.

    Gun rights advocates have for years held up Maine as an example of a place with unrestrictive gun laws and little violent crime.
    LEWISTON, Maine — At a news conference in his hometown Thursday evening in Lewiston, Rep. Jared Golden, a Democrat who had enjoyed an A+ rating from gun rights advocates, said he regretted his past opposition to an assault weapons ban and said he would now support a ban.
At least 18 people were killed and 13 injured Wednesday night in deadly shootings in Maine.

    “The time has now come for me to take responsibility for this failure, which is why I now call on the United States Congress to ban assault rifles, like the one used by the sick perpetrator of this mass killing in my hometown of Lewiston, Maine,” said Golden, who represents a largely rural district that includes Lewiston.

    “To the victims and their families,” he said, “I ask for your forgiveness and support as I seek to put an end to these terrible shootings.”
Golden said he didn’t think a mass killing like the one in his hometown could happen in Maine, which has the lowest violent crime rate in the nation.

    “I had the false confidence that our community was above this,” he added.
Last year, House Democrats narrowly passed an assault weapons ban for the first time in roughly 30 years.

    Golden, who represents a competitive swing district and is a member of the moderate group of Blue Dog Democrats, was one of five House Democrats who voted against the ban. The legislation was never brought to a vote in the Senate.

    It’s unlikely the Republican-led House would move forward with a similar ban in this Congress…….


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