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    While saying he supports the Second Amendment, Biden called the absolutist arguments of some gun-rights supporters “bizarre.” Noting people can’t own machine guns or bazookas, Biden said, “Why should we allow people to have military-style weapons including pistols with 9-mm bullets and can hold 10 or more rounds?

    IMO, if Biden wants to persuade people, including those who want to retain the right to own weapons for self defense, he really should learn more about guns. Based on prior statements as well those he made in the linked article, he seems hung up on the idea that a shotgun is the correct weapon for personal defense, and that a 2-3 round capacity is adequate. Furthermore, when he throws out "9mm" as if it is some unusually lethal round, he really sounds as though he is, at best, willfully ignorant and can't be trusted when it comes to legislation restricting gun ownership.
    And that would be absolutely idiotic of that person with a clean record to do, because once those guns were used in a crime, the guns would be traced right back to that person and they would go to jail.

    With no registration how would you know who to arrest ?
    No it is not. A convicted felon can be prohibited from owning a gun by law in many states but with no registrations it is impossible to know if he already posses some

    What do you mean, "no it is not?"

    One other thing, a while back you asked a question about why we Americans feel the need to have weapons to defend against a tyrannical government. That genuinely seems to me like a strange sentiment coming from someone in Europe. Your nation has already experienced what it is like to be ill prepared to defend yourself against evil.

    History teaches us that change is inevitable. Empires rise and they fall. Just because we currently live in a relatively free nation does not mean that will always be the case.

    Furthermore, after Katrina I saw just how quickly lawlessness can begin to appear after an event where people lose access to the normal goods and services they have grown to depend on. And that was in a situation that really only had a significant impact on the southern portions of 2-3 states and relief was in sight. Imagine if we had a catastrophe that impacted an entire continent.

    The world has seen cataclysmic events in the past, and we will seem occur again. It's foolish to think otherwise.

    I have no intention of not being prepared to defend my family just because the likes of Joe Biden believes that a 10 round magazine in 9mm is unnecessary.

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