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    Oct 2, 2019
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    The video is NSFW due to language and the graphic description of Joe Biden's alleged conduct.

    What impact do you believe that an accusation such as this should have on his presidential campaign?
    I think she at least deserves to tell her truth. We can decide at the ballot box on the impact to his campaign.
    Now you are catching on!

    Believe me, I knew that before I posted the thread.

    Biden probably consulted with the Governor from VA who explained "all is well, Democrats don't really care about the things they pretend to get all worked up about."
    I cant believe every single one of Biden's followers are ok with sexual assault. It just shows what Biden supporters really believe in their hearts. Sad.
    No, I will just wait until someone credible reports it, then wait for everyone on his team to deny it and call her all the names in the book and accuse her of being a political operative.

    I mean, if it worked for Republicans for the past 40 years.
    post a horrilbly sourced video with no credibility. Check.

    Be jaw dropplingly hypocritical. Check.

    He isn’t guilty like your Boy Kavanaugh

    LOL, so we all are supposed to wait for CNN and MSNBC to be shamed into ending their blackout on this story?

    If you watched the video, you saw that the "source" was actually an interview with the purported victim herself.

    The jaw dropping hypocrisy is all on your part. You haven't slowed down on deploying your diversion tactics enough to notice that I haven't even taken a position on the veracity of the accuser's claim.

    But, just to lock in your position - you are definitively stating that Kavanaugh was guilty. Okay, on which claim do you feel his guilt was so conclusively proven? All of them? Even those brought to us by CNN's golden boy and presidential hopeful turned convict Michael Avanati?

    How many ways do you care to lose on this?

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