How Trump Could Lose the Election—And Still Remain President (1 Viewer)

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Mr. Blue Sky

Mr. Blue Sky

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Feb 4, 2020
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Between the Moon and New York City
He is not going to lose the election.

(mod edit) JOE has nothing to run on. He is senile. And the LAST thing he wants is to run on the record of his eight years with Obama because today we are seeing the SAME results with the economy.

This lockdown is just reminding us how bad it was under Obama.

On Election Night, (mod edit) JOE will make that call to President Trump around 9:30 after discovering he has lost his own home state. He'll be reading his concession from a pad his handlers wrote for him.

You could be right, Joe could very well lose the election.. right now, i think it’s about 50/50.. To listen to a lot of talking heads, you’d think the election is already in the bag for Joe.. Even though I’ll be voting for Joe, I’m not nearly as confident that he’ll win as you seem to be that your (apparently) chosen candidate , Trump, will win.. To be frank, you remind me a lot of Hillary voters in 2016 who were oh-so-confident that she had it wrapped up.. All’s I’m saying is put up all the bravado you want, just dont be surprised if it backfires on you.. Me, i wont be surprised either way.

In re to Joe being senile, i think you’re right.. however, Trump IMO is further along in his decline, he is completely detached from reality and facts.. however, for whatever reason, Trump is a lot like Bill Clinton in that he’s teflon, and his obvious mental decline doesnt stick, it bounces off him and he somehow gets a pass for it.. Why? I honestly don’t know.

But the biggest problem i have with your post is that the question wasnt about if there’s any chance that trump could lose.. The question, and the entire premise of this thread- was about what happens if Trump were to lose, and then refuse to go.. So , to quote John McEnroe- “The QUESTION! Answer the question!!”
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Sep 29, 2019
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Portland, Oregon
you won’t hear from the Limbaugh sycophant.

Unless that clown comes back as a zombie account (again) he gots da ban hammer

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