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    Oct 5, 2019
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    This isnt deserving of it's own thread, but we dont have a thread for general Democrat subjects.

    I almost thought this was a joke:

    I want OP to understand how silly this thread is to the rest of us.

    This would be like making a thread for John Bolton teaching a class at Yale.
    Do you remember the Trump thread or the what happens to Republican thread? People posted plenty of general things in there. We had a Biden thread, but not a general Democrat thread.
    Do you remember the Trump thread or the what happens to Republican thread? People posted plenty of general things in there. We had a Biden thread, but not a general Democrat thread.

    Trump wants to run for president again, and could become the first convicted ex-president. Biden is the president. Those are not the same as a failed presidential candidate living out the rest of her days on Saint Helena.

    I don't care if you make a general Democrat thread. It should contain stuff a little more substantial then "HRC took a teaching job."
    The whole premise is silly. Regardless of any politician's foreign policy decisions or where they landed, viz: foreign policy/diplomatic policy, the idea that anyone should be disqualified from teaching a college-level course because of "warmongering" is just absurd.

    And the OP again doesn't read or understand the tweets he posts. The tweet states that she is "Co-teaching" the class, which may or may not reflect HRC's qualifications to teach a course by herself. She may not be qualified to teach a college-level course in anything. However, HRC has a Juris Doctorate in law, so she is qualified to teach classes in the law.

    Whether or not she was/is a "warmonger" is completely irrelevant to whether or not she is qualified to teach (or co-teach) this course. This idea that is super controversial for a former Secretary of State with academic credentials to help teach an academic course at an institution specializing in foreign and diplomatic relations is just.....absurd.

    So again, it's up to others to do the intellectual heavy-lifting for another myopic take from the OP. There's nothing in the course description:

    "The goal of this course is to give students a holistic understanding of the many facets of foreign policy decision-making. As future participants in the policy process, this course will provide vital background that they can draw on should they, too, find themselves facing high-pressure decisions with implications for national security and global stability. It will also enhance their ability to counsel intelligence officers, military leaders, advisors, or other government officials by improving their ability to anticipate other actors' actions, perceptions, and motivations."

    ..which resembles anything close to "how to be a warmonger." Just more outrage porn from those who don't read past headlines, cherry pick, and choose to be mad about a bunch of nothing because they refuse to think or look at context, or get beyond their silly partisan lenses.

    And certainly, I would say the same thing for any Republican or any other politician of any political bent or party....if they have the academic qualifications to teach a college class, it's not at all controversial if they're asked to do so, especially in their post-political retirement.
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    Any update on what the Communist, Marxist, Lizard People Party is up to these days?
    Sadly, no. They’ve taken over all media and the thought police are gearing up now. We will never know what hit us. 😢
    Well this thread hasn’t gone anywhere

    Why did we stop posting articles about the left doing things?

    I mean there is like 30 things a day posted the Republican Nationalist Party do to subvert our laws and further erode our democracy. Why isn’t there an avalanche of stories about the Left being indicted, shirtting on the Constitution or believing in conspiracies?

    It’s almost like there isn’t an equivalency, and claiming there is one is only to deflect from the original argument. Weird.

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