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    Disinformation, QAnon efforts targeting Latino voters ramp up ahead of presidential election - 9/25/2020
    EU takes action against fake news - 9/25/2020 -
    Tracking Viral Misinformation Ahead of the 2020 Election 9/25/2020
    What we know about 2020 election interference: It’s not just Russia - 9/25/2020 - Politifact
    The Real Hacking Threat - 9/25/2020 - Foreign Policy
    How do we tackle an ‘infodemic’ amid a pandemic? - 9/24/2020
    Fears mount over Russian and Chinese hackers targeting the 2020 U.S. presidential election
    FBI warns of ‘foreign actors’ spreading disinformation on election results - 9/24/2020 - NY Post
    Russian trolls are relying on Trump quotes and tweets for disinformation campaigns - 9/23/2020 - Business Insider
    Testing ahead of US elections reveals struggle to quell disinformation - 9/23/2020
    Facebook shuts down 150 fake Chinese accounts - 9/23/2020
    H.R. McMaster on Trump, trust and threats from Russia and China - 9/23/2020
    Florida Democrat asks FBI to investigate anti-Semitic, racist disinformation - 9/23/2020
    Can you tell a real social media account from a fake one? It's harder than you think. 9/23/2020 -
    YouTube moves to stop election misinformation. But is it enough? - 9/23/2020 - mashable
    Facebook took down a Chinese disinformation network that spread propaganda across Southeast Asia and the US - 9/22/2020 - Business Insider
    ‘Agents of Chaos’ focuses on a Russian troll farm and Vladimir Putin’s impact on the 2016 election - 9/22/2020 -
    Five big questions as America votes: Disinformation - 9/22/2020 - Atlantic Council
    Chinese propaganda network on Facebook used AI-generated faces - 9/22/2020 - TechCrunch
    FBI, DHS warn that foreign hackers will likely spread disinformation around election results - 9/22/2020
    Yes, Russia is interfering in the 2020 election - 9/21/2020 - Vox
    How to guard your social feeds against election misinformation - 9/21/2020 - Vox
    Why misinformation about COVID-19’s origins keeps going viral - 9/18/2020
    No, a Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Didn’t Partner With a Pro-Communist Chinese Group - 9/18/2020
    Spanish-language disinformation intensifies among Florida Latinos, worrying Democrats - 9/18/2020
    F.B.I. Director Warns of Russian Interference and White Supremacist Violence - 9/17/2020
    No, antifa supporters aren’t setting fires in the West — and more lessons on fake news about covid-19, Trump and Biden - 9/16/2020
    ‘Unholy alliance’: Conspiracy theorists are circulating Russian and Chinese disinformation about COVID-19 on social media 9/14/2020 - SBS
    7 ways Trump and his cabal are using government to corrupt the election9/16/2020
    Russia’s not so little election helpers - 9/14/2020 - Boston Globe
    Facebook Is Failing in Global Disinformation Fight, Says Former Worker 9/12/2020
    Rudy Giuliani, once 'America's mayor,' now mired in controversy, facing legal scrutiny 9/12/2020
    Biden audio first shared by ‘Russian agent’ thrives online - 9/11/2020
    China, Iran and Russia dismiss US election hacking claims - 9/11/2020
    Trump’s fusillade of falsehoods on mail voting - 9/11/2020
    Disinformation, mail-in ballots top election security concerns - 9/10/2020 -Tech Target
    How China Ramped Up Disinformation Efforts During the Pandemic - 9/10/2020 -
    U.S. sanctions Ukrainian lawmaker for election interference targeting Biden - 9/10/2020 - Axios
    Amid new reports of foreign election interference, whistleblower claim roils DHS - 9/10/2020
    Whistleblower accuses Trump appointees of downplaying Russian interference and White supremacist threat - 9/9/2020
    The foreign foes who want to undermine America are getting help — from America 9/8/2020
    Russia spreading disinformation about Biden's mental health: DHS - 9/8/2020
    Is it a Coincidence That Moscow Is Peddling the Same Lies as the Trump Campaign? - 9/4/2020 - Wash. Monthly
    Trump and Russia echo each other in presidential race - LA Times - 9/4/2020
    Russia Weaponizes Increasingly Sophisticated Disinformation - 9/4/2020 -
    Russia steps up disinformation with a goal to upend our elections - 9/3/2020
    Amid Struggle To Protect 2020 Election, A 2nd Conflict Rages — Over Transparency 9/3/2020
    Russia ‘launders’ disinformation by using fake personas, U.S. writers 9/2/2020 - PBS
    Digital vote suppression efforts are targeting marginalized groups, report warns
    Why Did the Trump Administration Bury a Report on Russia’s Latest 2020 Disinformation Campaign? Vanity Fair 9/2/2020
    Russians Again Targeting Americans With Disinformation, Facebook and Twitter Say - 9/1/2020
    A Twitter DM and the promise of money: An American Putin critic tells us how they became an unwitting tool of a Russian state influence operation - 9/1/2020 - Business Insider
    Pillars of Russia’s Disinformation and Propaganda Ecosystem - Department Of State (PDF - Download)' 8/4/2020 - State Dept.
    Twitter Removes Chinese Disinformation Campaign - 6/17/2020
    Study Exposes Russia Disinformation Campaign That Operated In The Shadows For 6 Years - 6/16/2020
    Twitter takes down China-linked accounts spreading disinformation on Hong Kong and coronavirus 6/12/2020
    What you need to know about the language of disinformation ahead of the 2020 election cycle - 2/24/2020
    How To Spot 2020 Election Disinformation - 1/23/2020
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