Biden and Trump agree to 2 presidential debates, in June and in September (1 Viewer)

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    As recently as Wednesday morning, Trump expressed his desire for a large live audience for his debates with Biden.

    “I would strongly recommend more than two debates and, for excitement purposes, a very large venue, although Biden is supposedly afraid of crowds - That’s only because he doesn’t get them,” Trump said. “Just tell me when, I’ll be there.”

    Trump has been pushing for more debates and earlier debates, arguing voters should be able to see the two men face off well before early voting begins in September. He has repeatedly said he will debate Biden “anytime, anywhere, any place,” even proposing the two men face off outside the Manhattan courthouse where he is currently on criminal trial in a hush money case. He also has been taunting Biden with an empty lectern at some of his rallies.
    Why wouldn’t they hold it without Trump? They can still ask Biden all of the questions they planned to ask, but give him all of the time they intended to give Trump. It would still be a bonanza for them. The only question is whether Biden would be willing to do it, and I think he would be.
    I wouldn't do that. I'd highlight the fact that Trump wasn't there. I'd give Biden the amount of time he was entitled to, and cut off his mic if he went long. Then, "Mr. Trump, your response," and I'd show the empty podium for the amount of time he was allotted.
    Hillary Clinton said Donald Trump’s meanadering statements make him “nearly impossible” to debate as she issues stark warnings and analysis ahead of Thursday’s first presidental debate for the 2024 election.

    President Joe Biden is set to square off with his Republican rival, Trump, on Thursday night in Atlanta. Clinton - who lost to Trump in the 2016 election - provided her view on the upcoming debate in a Tueday New York Timesop-ed.

    “It is a waste of time to try to refute Mr. Trump’s arguments like in a normal debate. It’s nearly impossible to identify what his arguments even are.” Clinton wrote, noting she debate both men in election campaigns. “He starts with nonsense and then digresses into blather.”

    “It is nearly impossible to focus on substance” with Trump on the stage, the former Secretary of State continued, citing her experience with listening to his “blizzard of interruptions, insults and lies that overwhelmed the moderators and did a disservice to the voters.”

    She then offered up some predictions about Thursday’s debate.

    Despite Trump’s tendencies getting “worse” in recent years, Clinton argued, “expectations for him are so low that if he doesn’t literally light himself on fire on Thursday evening, some will say he was downright presidential.”……

    …….Trump — who has never admitted he lost fairly to Biden in 2020 and continues to spread false and unproven theories about election fraud — may also be setting up a series of excuses in case he is outperformed by Biden.

    “Maybe I’m better off losing the debate,” Trump quipped in an interview with Real America’s Voice earlier this month. “I’ll make sure he stays. I’ll lose the debate on purpose, maybe I’ll do something like that.”………

    Oh, this is good news, Daniel Dale is very good.


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