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Dec 20, 2021
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earth bound misfit
what happened to utube.....i now put a music vid up and have a black background and tiny box. (n):poop:

makes me not want to use it.
as well...betcha if musk buys twit we will have to pay him to use it. i dont use it and wont pay him.
utube....your video page now sucks big time.

wow. is this what they call "progress"..???? sigh.
black background for visual taking most of the page. wow.

and then...if you expand the get even more dark background for visual.
2/3 of the screen is dark now.
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are you talking about dark mode?

anymore im not sure what mode any thing is in.

now...i get the utube i always got. idk. smh.

i do know that one of my lappies had an "update" which altered Every Thing on that
lappie ive got...Nothing. twirly thing that does nothing but twirl.

it will go to the repair soon since NOTHING i can do will fix or get me back on the net
on that one. gettin real sick of this.. net.

luv the updates. :poop:
awake in the morning turn it on and its allllllll diff than last nite. howd that happen.
scans show NO issues.

imagine when elon and FB get together.... :unsure:
ok now utube seems fine normal as usual like it was and has been.

it could have been my pc which was having some issues. :loopy:

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