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    Nov 20, 2019
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    So Manchin was pressed today about whether he would seek the Democratic nomination against Joe Biden in 2024. He wouldn't say no, only that he'd decide his political future at the end of the year. So, if by chance he decides to do so, could Manchin win the nomination much less win it all? In many ways, Manchin is about as far right as JBE so it would be tough for him (probably tougher) to come out of the primary cycle. It would be easier to win in the general, but there is about as much disdain for him in the party as there is for Kristen Sinema.

    I don’t think he can win in the primaries, and I’m one who doesn’t actually think Manchin is the devil or anything. But I also don’t think he’s presidential material either.
    no - he has no shot

    too many democrats blame him (and sinema) for torpedoing a lot of Biden's agenda

    whether it's fair or not the narrative would be "everything you wish Biden had done or did more of he would have if those 2 hadn't voted against it"
    He needs to shut the flock up and go the flock away. Saying he doesn’t want to be a spoiler is bullschlitz. He only cares about himself.

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