Wildlife populations have crashed by 69% within less than a lifetime (1 Viewer)

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    Jan 12, 2022
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    "Wildlife populations have declined by a staggering 69% over the past 48 years.
    This is the stark new finding from the latest World Wildlife Fund for Nature's Living Planet Report, with animals in Central and South America being particularly hard hit.

    The planet's wildlife is being decimated. Within the span of a single lifetime, animal populations that scientists have monitored have declined by over two-thirds.

    These shocking findings comes from the latest WWF Living Planet Report, which sets out to assess and quantify vertebrate animal populations around the world. Published every two years, the 2022 report is the most comprehensive to date, covering more species and more populations than ever before.

    It shows that wildlife is facing a double threat: climate change and biodiversity loss. While these two issues are linked, they are also distinct.

    Habitat loss caused by land use change, the insatiable desire of people to cut down more forests, farm more land, extract more minerals and build ever-expanding infrastructure are all taking their toll. But pollution, climate change, invasive species and disease are also of concern."

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