What's going on with this Trump Campaign / Russia / DOJ / Clinton/Obama Bombshell? (1 Viewer)

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    I haven't kept up with all of these current DOJ investigations or the new stuff that was declassified recently that Trump seemed to be using as cover for his whole Covid stuff and tax issues...

    What's actually going on here? I know the real partisan sites have been stirring this up a lot, but is this actual smoke/fire or just twisting logic?

    I glanced at this..

    And this... Which seems to be Brennan saying it's inaccurate and misleading.

    Smoke and mirrors?
    I forget where I read it, but there seems to be rumblings of former and current top officials in the three letter security agencies in a behind the scenes war of words with one another over this whole mess. Not really surprising, but really not healthy of our security agencies. Rivalries between top brass doesn't surprise me. I just hope it stays behind the scenes and gets sorted out before something bad happens.
    I go back to Sen Ratcliffe's letter explaining what he got from his FOIA request on this matter. When I read that letter, I see that there are two things: 1) This is a big nothing. 2) It's important in context of today's climate

    It's a big nothing--According to the letter, the IC briefed the president that there were allegations that Hillary Clinton was going to try and tie Trump to the DNC email hack. The IC also briefed the president that they did not know if the allegations against Clinton were accurate, or if they were lies or exaggerations from Russian sources. More importantly, "tying someone to" something does not automatically mean making up a false story that they did it. It often means trying to find evidence that they were involved.

    It's important in the context of today's climate--When you look at it on it's own, and remove all political affiliations, what happened? The intelligence community briefed the president that there was an allegation that a presidential candidate was potentially going to falsely connect another presidential candidate to a scandal, but the IC could not verify the information as true. But, we are supposed to believe, now, that the intelligence community would not brief the president about an allegation that Russia had offered bounties to Taliban fighters to kill US soldiers because they couldn't verify it as true?
    All of this is throwing poop against the wall and seeing if something sticks. Who could have possibly known the effect the Comey Memo had? The hope is if you keep throwing things in the air eventually the public will latch on to one. Think about the last month alone. There has been so much nonsense tossed in the air from the Republican Senate and the Administration.

    It's white noise at this point, but they only need one thing to matter, even if it actually doesn't.
    Agree, it’s all a bunch of nothing. Well, except if you care about the politicization of the DOJ, which is nearly complete under Barr. They are declassifying everything they can that can be twisted to help Trump, while denying FOIA requests that are honing in on Trump‘s misdeeds.

    I honestly think Barr may have some legal exposure when everything comes out, or at least be facing disbarment. He has most likely lied under oath at various times.

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