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    Apr 23, 2021
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    Lets clarify this nonsense, like I said the right will give a long list of people who are charged , to find out none are convicted. Now like a said in 20 years study by
    The heritage foundation, which is literally nothing but a arm of the hate party. They literally begged and pleaded for examples of voter fraud. Then gave out their numbers with the unwritten actuality that it was literally for all elections in this country not just presidential elections, from school boards to dog catcher. The reality was that there was only 4 examples of voter fraud in those 20 years in Presidential elections,. three by the right and one democrat. Now lets put this into numbers. 1322 cases of voter fraud are listed in total for all elections. , they were so serious that only 48 received a penalty for those charges. Now by the numbers there are over 600,000 elected officials in this country so over those 20 years there were 12 million man/women year positions held by elected officials, so that is 1322 voter fraud cases covering 12 million positions. Those are just the positions many of which are elected by millions of people each, that literally is up in the zillions . This is the rights only claim to fame now and it is nothing but comical at its best.

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