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    He already tried this with a different suit (IIRC) and it was quickly dismissed. He wouldn’t let this go to trial, IMO, because truth is a valid defense. He is just hoping CNN would settle and give him some money. Either that or it’s a diversion tactic. I’m a bit surprised he can find lawyers to file these nuisance suits. Especially since he is reluctant to pay his lawyers, reportedly.

    As a public figure and political figure, I believe this will be a very uphill battle for the former president.
    In particular, Trump argues that he's entitled to hundreds of millions of dollars in punitive damages because of CNN's use of the term the "Big Lie" to describe Trump's "stated concerns about the integrity of the election process for the 2020 presidential election." Trump's lawyers say that the "Big Lie" "is a direct reference to a tactic employed by Adolf Hitler and appearing in Hitler's "Mein Kampf."
    So, they chose to highlight that CNN's repeated use of the phrase "the big lie" has caused him harm and then references his "favorite book to prove their point. Bold Strategy.

    Meanwhile, he is still out there shouting out his lies regarding the 2020 election. Hell, he still brings up his popular vote loss to HRC in 2016! He even had those accusations investigated while he was in office and, to no one surprise, they came up with nothing to support his false claims.
    I'm not a lawyer so I might sound slightly more sensical than some of trump's actual lawyers. If I was CNN, I'd file a countersuit to trump's lawsuit and move immediately to discovery and force trump to drop the suit on his own for fear of what they would find.

    For our actual lawyers here, I welcome any "that's not how this works" posts.


    As a public figure and political figure, I believe this will be a very uphill battle for the former president.

    Trump has long harbored fantasies of overturning the NYT v. Sullivan case. As an authoritarian he views a "hands off" approach to media as wrong and unfair and he thinks the actual malice standard is too high of a burden.

    I think he fully intends to lose this case on the Sullivan standard precisely so that he can bring it to a Supreme Court that he believes is ripe to revisit it.

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