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    • Protesters calling for Sen. Bernie Sanders to cut his support for the dairy industry crashed his Carson City, Nevada rally on Sunday afternoon.
    • One protester grabbed a microphone to say she was Sanders' "biggest supporter" but pleaded that he "stop pumping up the dairy industry."
    • While she was speaking, three topless women took the stage with "let dairy die" written on their chests.
    Topless protesters crashed the stage at a rally for Sen. Bernie Sanders on Sunday afternoon to protest his involvement with the dairy industry.
    The Democratic presidential hopeful was taking the microphone from his wife Jane, whom he called "the next first lady," at a rally in Carson City, Nevada. But then protesters took the stage.

    The presidential candidate seemed to take the interruption in stride, quipping, “This is Nevada, there’s always a little bit of excitement at no extra cost.”

    Sunday wasn’t the first time nudity was spotted at a Sanders rally. In 2016, two women were arrested for disrobing to reveal the phrase “Feel the Bern” written on their bodies outside a rally in Los Angeles

    Not sure I can post the video since I guess it would be NSFW

    (best comment on twitter?)

    I'm not sure theres much discussion about this, it mostly just humorous. Apparently its about a dairy act that gave billions in subsidies to dairy farmers or something.
    Will "Bernie and his supporters" become a thing on this forum like "Trump and his supporters" has?
    This is not a headline I expected to see today. Or maybe ever.
    Nothing says 'take my political opinion seriously' quite like boobs.

    I was going to make this its own thread, and may still, but I'll throw this here...

    Keeping up with American politics can feel like a feat. And we tend to think that knowing the latest news means that we're engaged. But what happens when being informed is the end of our commitment to politics?

    "The way that people are doing politics is much more similar to a hobby than to what I think of as politics, which is, you know, acquiring power," says Eitan Hersh, a professor of political science at Tufts University. He says many Americans are engaging in what he calls "political hobbyism."

    "What they're actually doing is not participating themselves in any active way. They're really just following the news."

    This news increasingly comes from cable TV and social media, and the stories that get our attention are usually national stories, not local ones. Scandals and entertainment are also more appealing than discussions of policy or even what's happening in our own neighborhoods.

    "What news do political junkies demand? Outrage and gossip. Why? Because it's alluring. What news do we avoid? Local news. Why? It's boring," Hersh writes in his book, Politics is for Power.

    This week on Hidden Brain, we explore the paradox of our passion for politics: we're more informed than ever, but many of us are also less politically active. Why do we see politics as something that happens on Capitol Hill, and not in our neighborhoods? How do we re-frame politics from a form of entertainment to a vehicle for change in our lives? Hersh suggests that the solutions may be less daunting than we think.

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