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Apr 23, 2021
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The right wing congressman and public attempt to white wash the Attack on the Capital, are traitors to this country, we can't except that and expect to stay a Republic/Democracy. They are willing to sell out every value that makes us what and who we are as a country to stay in power. When in fact the actions of 1/6 and the response now is enough reason in itself to erase these traitors from our country. Their party should be destroyed and remade with some semblance of patriotism for the conservative voice that is needed in this country but it is up to them to create a voice that has enough support without being 100% hate based as it is now and for the real conservative trying to find reason to support this hate group you dishonor conservatism. It is nothing but a organized hate group as it is now. Don't let them destroy us , they will without a care. You have a choice, look the other way or stand up for this great country. There is nothing in between. You are part of it or you are a solution for it.

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