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    Sep 30, 2019
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    Would you believe me if I told you there was a real bipartisan caucus, devoted to finding middle of the aisle solutions to our legislative problems?

    May I present to you, The Problem Solvers Caucus:

    Problem Solvers Caucus

    Apparently, being part of this caucus involves pledging to truly work for the good of the citizenry, never disparage the other members publicly, always show up to meetings, and to always try and negotiate to a compromise (no zero sum tactics). They then bring their findings to their party leadership to help try and push bills through.

    Here are some of the 116th Caucus' bill work, including Rules Reform, Infrastructure, Drug Pricing, Trade, Fed Investment, Border Security, and Corona Planning:

    116th Accomplishments

    I just found out about this caucus the other day and find their cause admirable. You could also guess that these members receive little to no recognition in the media cycle. Everyone is always screaming for candidates that work for us, and this might be a good pool of those types of politicians.

    Anyways, I thought this was interesting and wanted to share.
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    I saw a couple of the members being interviewed on CNN a few days ago. I hope to see much more publicity for this group, and I hope they get contributions.
    Harris Faulkner and Dana Perino have these guys on all the time (but muh faux news) I really like that Josh Gottenhemmer (sp) I think from NJ.
    I am surprised no one has written this group off as systemically racist, yet....
    I am surprised no one has written this group off as systemically racist, yet....

    Yeah, they're pretty much a group of folks who don't end up in the news a lot. They are the ones that get stuff done, I'd think.

    Anyway, sadly, all of their efforts to get a new stimulus package went down the drain.
    Yeah, they put forth a bill version, but it was not the one the House went with. Looks like congress returns from recess on 10/19. There's hope they will pass something before the election as it won't be a good look for the senators up for vote.

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