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    Apr 23, 2021
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    When Trump was in office ,They should have gone after everyone of Trumps thousands upon thousands of lie and show why it is nothing but a lie by a mentally ill, deranged, dangerous monster.
    After the Trump led attack on the capital to destroy our democracy and country to force in this pile of shirt for a dictator. The Media should have only one issue , to bring down the right wing that supports the destruction of this country and bury Trump in the truth about what a low life this criminal is. The idea that the Democrats and Media let the right sit in the bushes trying to destroy this country to force in Trump as a dictator, Is insane. they should be doing one thing and that one thing is to bring down this hate group the right calls a party, and the maniac that they want as this countries first dictator. They are all traitors to this country.
    Most of the media knows the truth , it lies in the realm of the left and is almost impossible to be found in the right. The media should go after every lie by the hate party, they are powered by lies and ignorance and hate. They have to be defeated and every patriot in this country knows it. There is no ya buts on this if you are a patriot. This is our country and has never been threatened like this in the total history of this country .
    This has to be made clear , the conservative voice in this country is as important as the progressive voice, but that absolutely has nothing to do with what is going on now. Supporter of Trump are simply a hate group that they call a party. Real conservatives have a strong voice in this country and after this hate party is put down the conservatives will put together a voice and party that will meet their needs and I will help them achieve that goal any way that I can.

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