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    May 17, 2019
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    It is both amusing and unnerving to see all of the bad arguments against science (evolution, big bang, etc) that come from apologists of the Abrahamic religions, especially in the 21st century, when science has debunked so many myths and legends written in ancient letters: science is wrong, you need more faith to believe in evolution than in god, the Earth is 6,000 y.o. and/or flat, and then there is this guy :hihi: (he took the video down, but Hemant kept it for posterity). Yet, here is the story that Abrahamic religions tell about the origins of the universe and human beings. In layman's terms:

    So, in the beginning of, well there was no beginning, there always was this male - of course - being who didn't live in the phsyical realm - how could he, there was no physical realm - but somehow looks like us, who at one point decided to create this immense void, and a tiny little planet with no shape? - although it is either flat or spherical depending who you ask - yet filled with water. Then he thought it was too dark - you'd think there is no such thing as "dark" for an all-powerful metaphysical being - so he created light, although this light had no source, and it is not really clear how night and day worked.

    Nevertheless, he continued creating stuff... first some enclosure to separate the water- there is a scary number of people who believe this enclosure exists. At this point, there was "night" and "day"... but still no explanation of where the light was coming from. Then he raised some land out of the bottom of the water, and planted all sorts of vegetation, although photosynthesis wasn't a thing yet: no sun. He then hung two huge light bulbs off the enclosure, one really bright, one dim, as to be the sources of light for day and night - one has to wonder when did the moon run out of fuel.

    Then he decided to create trillions and trillions of planets all around the original tiny planet, to make sure night and day were well defined. He went on to create fish and birds, then the rest of the fauna. It is curious that at that point, he created wild animals and livestock, when there was no one there to domesticate and live off any animal, and therefore all animals were wild. There is no mention of insects either. Sure, many insects move along the ground, but many insects don't, like wasps, bees, mosquitos, etc.

    At that point, he decided to make what he called a man in their image - "their"?. This man was made to rule over all the creatures of this planet - although it surely took a while for humans to rule over all animals.

    And he made them all vegetarian.
    One of the questions that I have for the “Answers in Genesis” people who run the Creation Museum is the following:

    Noah was commanded to take the animals 2 by 2 and then he was commanded to take 7 pairs of “clean” animals and one pair of ”unclean” animals. Since the dietary laws were not given until Moses how did Noah know what was clean and unclean? The inerrant believers state that every word is true that means nothing can be added. So Noah could not have known what was clean and unclean.

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