Texas Dr. defies draconian Texas abortion law (1 Viewer)

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    Nov 13, 2019
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    Good on him. He's already being sued, one by some disbarred lawyer in AK who says he's doing it to test it's constitutionality (and for $$ lol) and that he sides w/ the Dr... Let's see how this plays out...

    A second suit has been brought against Braid, by another person who opposes the law. Honestly, this is the only way to get anything on the record by an actual judge since they wrote the law so it wouldn't have Judicial Review. A different article I read said they think the doctor should win both cases easily. It is pretty strange that the first person to file suit using this law is a disbarred felon who no longer has a license to practice law and that both of the suits against the doctor actually support the doctor's position but want someone in Texas to have the balls to go on the record about this. And this doctor isn't some fresh out of medical school nobody looking to just grab headlines. He's apparently been a doctor for 50 years and decided to say fork it and perform an abortion because without that being on the table, he felt his options for treating his patients were "untenable" (his words) and had to just turn them away instead. More doctors in Texas should follow his lead if they really take that whole "Do no harm" thing seriously.
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