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    The anti-Keebler elf faction should not be sneezed at.
    I like Sessions enough to vote for him again.....anyone over Dougie Jones.
    I am an Auburn guy so I want hear what Tuberville is running on. I do wish my senators would be a little more progressive on social issues like a lottery, weed, ect...
    And any politician in this state that voted or supported for the toll bridge over Mobile Bay is completely dead to me and I hope their families hate them too.
    These two things do not make sense.
    They do to me.
    I will attempt to explain a little. Sessions tends to have more of the ideals that I look for in a candidate as opposed to Roy Moore or Dougie Jones. If he would come off of the 1960 government mandated view of marijuana, and have an open mind on a lottery in this state, I would like him a lot more.
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    They do to me.

    You wish your senator was more like Doug Jones, but not Doug Jones. You'll vote for Sessions instead.

    What are your key positions that put you firmly in the Sessions camp, despite him being 100% against something about which you claim to hold a more progressive view?
    Maybe I should have clarified my original stmt, I like Sessions enough to 'maybe' vote for him again. Like I did say, I still want to hear from the other candidates before I vote. Reasonable?
    I also voted for Doug in the last election. It is worth noting that his opposition was Roy Moore and I could not vote for that man.
    I also don't decide who gets my vote based on the legalization of the weed and or the lottery in this state.
    I felt like Sessions probably shouldn’t have groveled so much to try to get Trump to “like” him again. I mean Trump treated him horribly for something that was unavoidable on Session’s part.
    Well, that answers that question. If "kisses up to someone that kicked him in the teeth regularly" is on your chart of appealing qualities in a senator, you've got your man.


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