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    Mar 13, 2019
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    Steve Schmidt is on Twitter telling tales of just how much influence the Kremlin has wielded in GOP circles for over 20 years. Evidently Meghan McCain called him a pedophile again, and he snapped. It started with him relating how he had to handle her child-like outbursts during McCain’s presidential campaign. But he has gone on to describe how McCain’s campaign had two warring factions. As he describes it there was a pro-democracy faction and a pro-Putin faction. It led me to this article from 2008 concerning John McCain. I had no idea at the time. In the case of McCain, he may have been oblivious to how he was being manipulated. I don’t think other Rs are oblivious at all.

    However, it also reminded me of a sort of phantom deal McConnell announced during his recent campaign for re-election for a Russian backed aluminum plant in KY. There is no doubt that Russia has wooed Republicans in this country for decades. I think we need to know just how much do some of our current Republican leaders “owe” Putin? How deep is the relationship?

    “Yet despite McCain’s tough talk, behind the scenes his top advisers have cultivated deep ties with Russia’s oligarchy—indeed, they have promoted the Kremlin’s geopolitical and economic interests, as well as some of its most unsavory business figures, through greedy cynicism and geopolitical stupor. The most notable example is the tale of how McCain and his campaign manager, Rick Davis, advanced what became a key victory for the Kremlin: gaining control over the small but strategically important country of Montenegro.”
    I think I posted this before, in some other topic on the MCB, but will repost it here:

    So, this guy

    defected and gave a talk in the 1980s about how Russia interferes with governments.
    this is a 6 minute clip that... if you listen to it, seems scarily like what has been going on.

    he mentions "ideological subversion" that can take DECADES, but overall I feel like the Russians have succeeded in doing this here. I think since the 1990 when the internet really started to take off, and then social media etc, this helped accelerated the process.

    I found a longer version of the talk that he gave:

    I don't think either party is innocent of Russian influence.

    Republicans in the last decade ran a candidate with a much harder stance on Russia then any Democrat including Biden.

    Who has forgotten Obama's Russian Reset, and even that famous 2012 debate moment? You also have HRC's article in the WSJ promoting trade with Russia. Obama administration was also against sanctions before flip-flopping. Obama refused to send military aid to Ukraine in 2014 post invasion, in fact all these other things I mention happened after the Georgian invasion.

    If Russia holds any power over the GOP, why was the GOP pushing for sanctions? This is an article that goes into just lobbyist fighting the Nordstream 2 sanctions. It was Republicans who were pushing for sanctions, and Biden who waived them.

    Meghan McCain is a joke and would be nowhere without her father's name. Willing to call out Trump's insanity is her only saving grace. Other than that she is much further to the right than her father ever was. I always had the impression that John McCain's campaign was somewhat fractured.
    This thread sort of focuses on the Trump campaign and Russian influence - which will soon be brought up again because I read where we will presumably get a look a just how Barr lied about the Mueller report when his internal documents are released.

    Anyway, I found this thread a good way to refresh our memories which can be fuzzy due to all the lies told about this entire topic in order to protect Trump.

    I am hoping that Garland is actually pursuing charges regarding Trump/Russia.

    Remember that there was a counter intelligence investigation going on that was parallel to the Muller probe, and we never heard much about that. We certainly didn't ever hear that it ended.

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