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    Jan 7, 2022
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    Can we believe a story from 40 years ago? :unsure:
    Feel free to read the article and decide for yourself...
    I read a long Twitter thread about this. I remember there was rampant speculation even when it was happening that somehow Reagan had promised a better deal and that the Iranians held the hostages longer for that reason.

    It was well known at the time that the Iranians hated Carter, so they could have held the hostages out of spite towards Carter.

    Supposedly, Connelly and Reagan were not on good terms at all during that time, and one person who knew the situation said they seriously doubted that Reagan would have chosen Connelly to do this for him. Also, it was pointed out that the countries Connelly visited didn’t have any relations with Iran either, so it was doubted that he met with any Iranians personally.

    Maybe Connelly did it on his own? I don’t know. The major players here are dead. How would we ever be sure what happened, unless some documents are discovered?

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