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    Sep 14, 2022
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    The acting archivist Deborah Wall from the National Archives sent a letter to congresswoman Carolyn Maloney who chairs the committee on oversight and reform for the United States House of Representatives.

    In this letter to congresswoman Maloney the archivist explains that there are still definitely records out there that Donald Trump and the White House has not turned over to the archives and what is specifically referenced here in addition to documents that may be missing.

    Archivist Wall notes that electronic communications that were sent via personal servers and through outside email accounts other than Official White House email accounts. One of the examples that the archivist gives is Peter Navarro who was using private email accounts. Peter Navarro was a former top Trump aide in the White House who, among other duties, was leading the covid response.

    Navarro was using an outside email server an account through a proton email account and the Department of Justice filed a civil lawsuit in an action that's called reply and replevin is return of property where they sued Peter Navarro.

    Navarro essentially is not even raising any defense other than he wants to be granted immunity which of course the Department of Justice is not going to give him the Department of Justice there just filed a motion for summary judgment to get those records back.

    There's a number of other White House officials who use private servers and private email accounts to try to hide what they were sending off of the White House email account and White House email servers which they weren't allowed to do. This is something, of course, that they criticized and condemned Hillary Clinton for.

    In this case, Trump White House officials intentionally using private servers refusing to turn over those records and engaging in a widespread conspiracy not to turn over presidential records and that is outlined in this letter to Carolyn Maloney.

    National Archives tells congresswoman Carolyn Maloney that for information concerning whether Trump has surrendered all presidential records she should refer to the Department of Justice. She is suggesting that information about what Trump might have done with documents is now part of a criminal investigation.

    Wall says, “I share your interest in ensuring that the archives have in its custody all of the records that should have been transferred to us under the presidential records act at the end of the Trump Administration.”

    NARA has been able to obtain such records from a number of officials, but will continue to pursue the return of similar types of Presidential records from officials as appropriate. Nara will consult with the Department of Justice on whether to initiate actions for the recovery of records unlawfully removed. The DOJ will ultimately determine if the civil case against Navarro turns into a criminal case. That’s why Navarro's is asking for immunity because he fears that there's going to be a criminal case. Navarro is also set to go to trial in mid to late November for contempt of congress for not we're not responding to the January 6th committee's subpoena.

    Trump and His White House officials and people like Kushner and Navarro and others were using private email accounts and private servers and trying to use encrypted messaging services to avoid accountability they were doing that intentionally and in violation of the appropriate lawful protocols but to see it in this letter shows also that the NARA’s not done. National Archives and the Department of Justice is looking into it and they're letting Carolyn Maloney congresswoman who heads the oversight and reform Committee in the House of Representatives know that.

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    Of course, he took them. Because he's always been a thief -- stealing worker's pay, credit for other's work, you name it. I'm more curious as to where all the stuff in those empty folders has got to. You know he sold at least some of it. The voice of progressives in every town in America

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