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    Dec 2, 2021
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    I noticed the board is slow on Saturdays and Sundays, and what I think we need are good movie and TV show threads in the Everything Else forum to pass the time here. Being entertained right here on the board so those push alerts can come in and members can pause the show and reply to their posts which have been quoted, and then go back to show they're watching. I believe this will enhance the board experience for everyone.


    This first thread in that vein is for movies and TV shows with English subtitles. There are some really good movies and shows on YouTube that few people in the US have seen.

    I'm going to post two movies to begin with. If you know of some good subtitle shows or movies please add them to this thread. I'll continue to add movies as the weeks go by.

    The first movie I'm going to show is a Kurdish movie set in Iraq before the Iraq war.

    Here is, Marooned in Iraq:

    The second is a movie which was split into 4 parts to be shown on Russian TV is set in 1942 during WWII. It's about heroic women in the Russian Army. The player ought to que up and play all four parts for you without you have to look for them.

    Here is, The Dawns Here are Quite:


    On edit: Oh dang, Star Media used to allow embedding of their content. The link is there though so you can click on it and still watch that Show. It's worth watching.
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    The Elephant. Russian Movie.​


    The link to it here>>> The Elephant at YouTube

    All the audience of the circus is charmed with the show favorite,elephant Bodhi who dances dancing to an amazingly beatiful music. But suddenly Bodhi falls ill... The vet explaints that the elephant needs a very expensive treatment, but the circus can't wait - they are to go to Paris, and in any case there is no money for the treatment. So they send the animal mercy killing, and its worker Zarazin is to take Bodhi away the next morning. However, along with the elephant he also finds a circus teenager girl - the troupe simply left behind! And she is hoping to find the team with the elephant. But the truck will hardly get to Paris or to the mercy killing house...
    Here's this weekend's movies with English subtitles:

    "Ricky is a 2009 French fantasy film directed by François Ozon about a human baby who develops a set of functional wings, and how the parents cope with the child's abnormality."

    This next movie doesn't have subtitles instead it has Jim Carrey: Mr. Popper's Penguins

    A short portion of the sound track, perhaps 15 minutes, is missing, that's why it's in the "with subtitles" category. But it's got Jim Carrey so that missing part of the soundtrack isn't all that important.

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