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    Sep 28, 2019
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    Millennials are leaving religion and not coming back - FiveThirtyEight

    This article largely reflects what i've seen in my generation. There is a growing by the day number of younger folks that seems to have started more strongly in the Millennial generation to leave their parent's religion. Clearly, this isn't everyone, but it does show a strong trend.

    From when I was a kid to adolescence to now, it's been an ever-growing path out of the culture that was my parent's fundamentalism. Still rooted strongly in American society, folks are for different reasons seeing it as unnecessary, not making sense, etc.

    For me it was a mixture of those things, but I erred more on the side of it not making sense rationally -- the Bible contradicting itself, the christian god being a murderous thug and then wanting everyone to worship him without apologizing for blatant atrocities..My issue wasn't with the 'church', although it's very telling the way some fundamentalists act. My issue was with it all very simply not making sense time and again. Now almost 30 I am quite comfortable without religion in my life. There are many secular young people all over my town, so I'm not worried about finding a spouse eventually who shares my view. My entire family is deeply religious but we get along fantastic because we simply don't engage one way or the other and talks of one 'side' is met with acknowledgement and maybe a change of topic ;)

    Can anyone in my generation or outside of it relate or notice a trend here? If you are religious, can we agree that the reason many leave is not just because of how some Christians act, but of it all just not making logical sense? I'd love to hear some stories.

    To be clear, i'm not asking for berating or any disrespect toward either side ( If anyone took the god comment personally, just realize it is an opinion based on factual occurrences and we can disagree on the 'why').

    Just a discussion on this topic and if anyone can relate.
    Not of your generation, but I see it as inevitable, the more we learn about our world, the more societies evolve, that ancient texts written hundreds or thousands of years ago lose their meaning, as their myths are debunked, and their morality standards are questioned.

    Even within religions we have seen the diluting (if you will) of the message. They have gone from everything in the holy book is 100% true and all the laws must be followed, to picking and choosing what to heed and follow, different interpretations of the message, even rejection of some of the message.
    The trend is continuing...


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