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    Sep 14, 2022
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    Richmond, Texas
    Without a playbook it is difficult to follow the civil and criminal investigations and trials of the Donald. So here is high level summary.

    Mir-a-Lago theft of Government documents, obstruction of justice, espionage – criminal investigation. Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Jack Smith special counsel to prosecute Mir-a-Lago and January 6th related crimes.

    New York and Trump businesses - Finances and business trials both civil and criminal
    Lawsuit against Trump organization $250M and loss of NY business license - civil
    Financial fraud – civil $2.5M+ -civil
    Tax fraud – criminal $1.6M - criminal

    On Monday in New York State Court in Lower Manhattan, jury selection began in the trial of the Trump Organization, which is accused of evading taxes by compensating employees through off-the-books benefits like luxury cars, apartments and private school tuition. Eighteen jurors got an initial round of questions but it will take days to seat a jury. The nine counts for which the company will be tried include conspiracy, criminal tax fraud and falsifying business records. The alleged scheme stretches back to 2005, the year Trump married his third wife, Melania, through his 2016 campaign, his presidency and the first half-year after his presidency ended.

    Georgia grand jury probe of criminal conduct – Criminal

    Lawsuit for incitement on Jan 6 by Police Officers

    Galicia v Trump lawsuit – assault on protestors by Trump security

    Lawsuit – E. Jean Carroll v Trump – Trump accused of defamation related her claim he raped her. Now she is refiling her rape case against Trump

    Lawsuit – McKoy and 3 others sued Trump, his business and Trump’s 3 kids. Trump accused of running an illegal multilevel marketing scheme based on the Celebrity Apprentice

    Lawsuit – Michael Cohen v Trump, $20 million

    Lawsuit – Eddy Grant (composer of “Electric Avenue”) seeking $300k for copyright infringement.

    Lawsuit – Mary Trump v Donald Trump $10 million for defrauding his niece out of family money.

    Lawsuit – Trump v Hillary Clinton + 29 others – Trump’s “lawsuit” against Clinton, et. Al. was determined by the court to contain no legitimate claims and no legitimate facts. Declared the suit frivolous and sanctioned Trump’s lawyer Alina Habba $50,000 and recommended to the bar that she be potentially disbarred for attempting to defraud the court. The judge further ordered that Clinton and the others named in the bogus lawsuit should sue in his court for their legal expenses – over $1,000,000 against Alina Habba.

    Looming potential. Prosecutors in New York are evaluating re-opening of the case of Trump's payment to Stormy Daniels as hush money. Trump's lawyer who arranged the payoff -Michael Cohen - served prison time for his role in the payoff. Trump, when President was immune from charges. He is no open to charges for the role he played in the Stormy Daniels illegal payoff.

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