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    Sep 19, 2022
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    This was in my spam from an unknown sender. I don't think the method could work but I like what it attempts to achieve! I'd summarizations it was 'fix our political system'. I cut out some of it because it was too long.

    "Americans can’t agree on much these days, but I believe there is one thing we can all agree on; our political systems are badly broken. Our representatives are interested in winning reelection but not doing anything for the people, the nation. They see it as a ‘win’ to ‘defeat’ the ‘other side’, as if the nation is nothing more than a Friday night high school football game. But it’s not a game or a competition, it is OUR nation. If we continue to allow politicians to play their game rather than perform public service, I’m afraid the nation, and maybe even democracy itself, will cease to exist: sooner, not later.

    To achieve enough unity for the plan to succeed, we have to work with just one party, and I feel it needs to be the Democratic Party.
    The Democratic Party appears to be the lesser of two evils at present. It seems the once great Republican Party has been infiltrated by deceivers, cheaters, clowns, racist, misoginists… purveyors of disinformation and diversion. It appears to serve the very, very rich, and dupe a few special interests to achieve enough votes (you can’t win if your only base is the richest 2%, simple math). So can we trust the Democratic Party? No! But I do believe we can make them listen to reasonable, sensible, moderate but determined people.

    What changes am I proposing? There are plenty to consider, but I think these fundamentals should be included in the reset:
    • Reasonable term limits for all political offices and judicial appointments. No one should be given a career of sitting in a chair until they are senile or worse. We need a constant influx of fresh energy, ideas, spirit… politicians concerned with the nation, not their own wallets.
    • Eliminate filibustering in the Senate. We need compromise, and filibusters only allow one side to ‘dig in’.
    • Eliminate gerrymandering. Politicians should control district lines for their own advantage. A simple computer-generated algorithm can determine fair, sensible districts.
    • Eliminate super PACs and other sources of big money in politics.
    • Eliminate the Electoral College… surely correction of this mistake needs no further discussion.
    Once we have achieved the reset, we can return to debate, deliberation and compromise to solve the difficult challenges we face. That is where the nation’s strength has always been found, from compromise, not from one extreme or the other. We can focus our efforts on finding solutions to problems that matter: together.

    If you like this proposal send it on any way you choose; there is no copyright. Either way, I thank you for your time and consideration!"


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