Excerpts from new book reveal Trump's 'harassment' of DHS Secretary Nielsen (1 Viewer)

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    The detail comes from a new book, A Very Stable Genius, by Washington Post D.C. beat reporters Phillip Rucker and Carol Leonnig. Apparently Trump routinely made fun of DHS Secretary Kristjin Nielsen's height and lack of intimidation . . . and pushed her to close the border entirely despite Nielsen's belief that such a policy would violate federal law.

    For the rest of the year, according to the book, Trump’s bullying behavior towards Nielsen continued. He “harassed” her with angry phone calls, sometimes waking her at 5am, and “pestered” her late at night. He often called her after watching the Fox Business host Lou Dobbs complain about illegal immigration and offer wildly unrealistic policy prescriptions.

    “The president would routinely call Nielsen to say a version of ‘Did you see Lou Dobbs? You’re totally forking embarrassing me. This is my issue!’… Sometimes, Trump would refer to one of Dobbs’s proposals and say, ‘Kirstjen, just do it. Just do it.’ ‘But we can’t do it,’ Nielsen would explain, usually because whatever Dobbs had uttered on TV was against the law.”

    After one flashpoint, Nielsen called Dobbs and politely offered to help his reporting. Hours later, Trump phoned Nielsen. “Did you call Lou Dobbs?” he asked. She said yes. Trump replied: “That’s great. Lou says you’re very smart!”

    Within a year, Nielsen, Kelly and Sessions would all be gone.

    I just don't see how people can continue to support this pathetic loser.

    At least he didn't have Rudy and his guys arrange her assassination, like he did Marie Yovanovitch.
    I bet it's a pretty good read. When I read Fear, I was actually shocked at the way he treated his administration behind closed doors because I thought his toxic personality couldn't be any worse than it is in public. I finished the book in two days. This sounds like it's just like that.

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