Donald Trump: Taylor Swift Is 'Disloyal' If She Endorses President Biden (1 Viewer)

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    Former president Donald Trump took to Truth Social on Super Bowl Sunday to complain about pop star Taylor Swift and rumors she may endorse President Joe Biden this election cycle.

    Always happy to take credit for others’ success, the real estate mogul-turned-reality star claimed Swift should be grateful to him for making her “so much money,” saying that she would be “disloyal” if she supported the Democratic candidate for president, as she has in years past.

    Until I saw that article and what trump said, I didn't really have an opinion on whether Ms. Swift should endorse any politician.

    Now, because of what he said, I think Ms. Swift should endorse Biden and do it very publicly.

    No one has to be"loyal" to anyone I our nation beyond their spouse and themselves. Any politician who demands "loyalty" doesn't deserve that loyalty.

    trump didn't make Ms. Swift a penny. She earned her wealth by working her butt off. trump had nothing to do with her success but leave it to him to try to take the credit for her success. What a slime ball.
    Does Trump think this will influence Taylor Swift? There really is no one left in his orbit to advise him appropriately.
    a orange shell of madness? Cheeto madness supreme. absolute everything has to be about him.

    It sounds like a joke, but it isn't. Trump literally can NOT control himself. Even when it'll hurt him, he MUST obey his illness. What else but a severe psychopathology explains deliberately antagonizing the judges sitting on your criminal felony cases? You can whine and play victim without doing that, but Trump can't.
    This is straight from his playbook.....he already knows she isn't supporting him.....he is trying to call her out thinking it will score points with his base somehow....and everything that Taurus said.....
    From four years ago...

    trump isn't very smart. He knows that Ms. Swift doesn't and will never support him. All he's doing is encouraging Ms. Swift's hundreds of millions of followers to vote for Biden.

    It's disgusting and arrogant that any politician would demand loyalty from anyone. What's worse, trump expects her to vote for him just because he signed a bill that modernizes music ownership laws.

    And he tries to take credit for her success. That's really disgusting. He has very little success these days, he has to leach off people who work hard and are a success.

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