Canadian Federal Election


Spirit Grocer
Sep 28, 2019
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No idea if anyone sees this. Or cares.

But it's a Federal Election up here tonight. Liberals face an uphill battle to hold the Prime Minister position. There are three progressive parties and one conservative party - the split vote hurts the Liberal's chances, so I'm anticipating a PC win, but with a minority government.

Still a step in the wrong direction. The Liberals would have been, too, but the Conservatives are a bigger one.

The good thing is that the campaign cycle is a few weeks and we aren't subjected to interminable, incessant torture like in the States
Well, CBC just called it. Most people said we wouldn’t know until after midnight. Maybe as late as 2am eastern.

Trudeau stays Prime Minister It looks like.

pretty surprising.

liberal minority or majority government remains to be seen. Likely minority.

Gotta say I am pretty surprised.
Conservative candidate interviewed by morning news host


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