Based on evidence, which god is more likely to have created humans? (1 Viewer)

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    May 17, 2019
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    I was going to make a poll, but the idea is for people to make arguments.

    So, again, the question is: based on evidence, which god(s) is(are) more likely to have created humans?

    I have disqualified Allah because the Koran can't make up its mind as to what Allah used to create man (blood cloth, water, clay, etc).
    I thought about disqualifying Hinduism in general, because of the many creation theories by many different gods, but I decided to go with the one (most) Hindus call The Creator. Buddhism doesn't believe a god created man.

    The contenders:

    Yahweh - created man of the dust of the ground
    Brahma - created man from his own soul
    Prometheus - created man out of mud
    Tepeu and Gucumatz - created man and woman from 2 types of corn and wood

    The evidence clearly shows it was Tepeu and Gucumatz who created humans.
    1. They created both man and woman with the very same materials.
    2. It makes sense that they used wood for bones, yellow corn for flesh, and red corn for blood.
    And more importantly,
    3. There is proven, indisputable scientific evidence outside the holy texts, as wood and corn have genetic material within them that exists in the human genome.

    I rest my case.

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