A tale of how media can be at opposite ends of the spectrum in the presentation of a tragedy (1 Viewer)

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    Dec 6, 2019
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    Hampton, Arkansas
    Fox headline:
    Respected Milwaukee community figure, Trump and Black Lives Matter supporter, fatally shot in front of own store

    MSN.com headline:

    Republicans say Milwaukee murder may be linked to support for Trump

    What do you see so different about the coverage by MSN vs Fox? Both articles stated that he supports both political parties. I think the coverage was pretty consistent.
    This is kind of interesting. First the original idea of the topic is worth talking about. My wife and I were talking about this last week, how two different news outlets can cover the same story "factually" but use completely different adjectives leaving a distinctly different impression.

    Then there's this story itself. OP was the first I've heard of it, and now I see it on all my conservative friends Facebook feed. It's really quite fascinating. We have no suspect or motive, but it's being held up as some sort of evidence that BLM or the MSM don't really care about black lives, etc. I find it both weird and fascinating.

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